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    2013 Floods and the Necessities of Water Damage Restoration in Centennial, CO

    Floods are rarely considered to be an imminent threat to the Denver-Aurora Metro area. Normally, only minor flooding occurs each year during the spring, summer, and fall. There are some years, however, that have proved this weather pattern wrong. In some cases, a combination of circumstances has led to extreme flooding and damages across Colorado. This level of devastation from flooding is not easily fixed, but ServiceMaster DSI is on call to help with emergency water damage restoration in Centennial, CO and other Denver-Aurora Metro areas.

    Freshest in the minds of Denver-Aurora area residents is the flooding in 2013 that affected over 14 counties along Colorado’s Front Range. Nearly 200 miles running north to south were covered with flood waters, leaving over $1 billion in property damages.

    The floods of 2013 began on September 9th when warm air flowing from the south met with the eastern movement of a large cold front. The two air masses stopped above Colorado and began dropping large quantities of rain between Colorado Springs and Fort Collins.

    The heavy rain accumulated quickly, hitting several counties with almost a year’s worth of rain in a matter of days. Boulder County experienced the severest rains, and by September 15th, at least 17 inches of rain—only three inches less than the county’s average annual amount—had flooded the rivers, streets, and buildings of the area.

    Even by October of 2013, communities were still struggling to recover from the damages left after the summer floods. 8 deaths were recorded, several individuals were reported missing, and more than 11,000 people were evacuated. With nearly 19,000 homes damaged and 1,500 destroyed, the floods of 2013 are considered to be one of the deadliest natural disasters in Colorado history.

    26% of Centennial’s yearly precipitation is light and moderate rain. 36% of the annual precipitation comes from thunderstorms causing heavy to severe rains leading to flooding across the county. From June to September, there is a 50% average chance each day that some form of precipitation will fall, making the summer months some with the highest risks of urban flooding causing water damage.

    Don’t hesitate to call our 24/7/365 emergency hotline at 303.288.2900 this summer if flash floods, heavy rains, or other cases of flooding leave your home or business damaged and in need of professional care. Our technicians are prepared to help with expert ServiceMaster DSI water damage restoration in Centennial, CO,and surrounding metro areas.

    Warning Signs of Compulsive Hoarding and When Professional Hoarder Cleanup is Needed in Westminster, CO

    The medical and social awareness of the reality and severity of mental illnesses in the U.S. is growing steadily each year. New organizations and communities designed to help those struggling with mental illnesses are cropping up across the globe at an impressive rate. However, certain mental illnesses still go largely unaddressed, both socially and politically. One of these illnesses so often unmentioned is a form of OCD, depression, and/or anxiety that leads to compulsive hoarding. If you or a loved one suffers from compulsive hoarding, ServiceMaster DSI can help restore the affected home or workspace with our professional hoarder cleanup services in Westminster, CO.

    Understanding and helping a loved one who suffers from compulsive hoarding is difficult in its own right, but when you’re charged with handling a hoarder’s space, it can add greatly to the hardship on your shoulders. Our hoarder cleanup services can tackle this aspect of recovery for you, but understanding the signs of compulsive hoarding can help prevent significant damage in the long run.

    Signs of Compulsive Hoarding

    Your loved one has been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder or anxiety in the past, both conditions that have hoarding linked to them as a symptom or subtype.

    Your loved one has experienced severe paranoia or experiences some form of post-traumatic stress disorder that could lead to superstitious thoughts or a fear of social situations, forms of contamination, or emotional or physical loss.

    Your loved one has exhibited addictive behaviors in the past, such as addictions to sex, substances, exercise, shopping, or eating.

    Your loved one has exhibited obsessive behaviors concerning the collection of items, food, or digital files.

    Your loved one does not view their behaviors as abnormal or illogical, instead they liken them to an animal storing food for the winter or simply as collecting these items for future use.

    These signs address a more psychologically based history for your loved one that could lead to compulsive hoarding, but there are other, more direct signs as well. If you notice an increase in clutter around your loved one’s house or if they’re having difficulty cleaning and organizing a space, you should take note. Learn more about understanding compulsive hoarding here.

    If you are struggling with a space affected by compulsive hoarding, contact ServiceMaster DSI at 303.288.2900 for comprehensive hoarder cleanup services in Westminster, CO.

    Temporary Weatherization and Emergency Board Up Services in Lakewood, CO

    Coping with a disaster affecting your home or business is often a difficult process in itself, but handling an exposed building during a restoration can make that process even more difficult. When fire, floods, or other disastrous circumstances leave your building exposed to the elements, the damage can quickly accumulate. ServiceMaster DSI teams are experienced and well-equipped to handle all your restoration needs. When it comes to a comprehensive recovery, there is no replacement for our emergency board up services in Lakewood, CO.

    Any open areas in your home or business, such as broken windows, structure wounds, or roof damage, can compromise the safety of untouched areas in your building. While vandals and thieves can play a role in further damaging your property, wind and weather are the primary concerns for buildings undergoing restoration. In cases of long-term restoration or severe damage, any exposed areas in a building must be sealed immediately.

    Our board up services act as a way of temporarily weatherizing your home, protecting it against rain, wind, severe temperatures, humidity, and more. While most cases of weatherizing buildings are designed to make energy consumption more efficient, many methods of weatherization also work to seal a damaged or vacant building against the dangers of the elements.

    These methods can include:

    • Insulating and protecting exposed pipes
    • Installing building wrap and temporary protective siding
    • Securing proper ventilation to protect interiors
    • Installing storm doors and windows
    • Adding insulation where needed
    • Sealing cracks in doors, windows, and other entryways
    • Adding drains and waterproofing unprotected areas
    • Sealing non-functioning air ducts and ventilation passages to the exterior
    • Boarding up damaged areas
    • Securing entire building against trespassersWeatherizing a building is beneficial in many situations, whether its purpose is energy conservation or emergency board up. Our board up teams can quickly secure your home or business, making it ready for a comprehensive recovery.

      For more information about our restoration and emergency board up services in Lakewood, CO,contact ServiceMaster DSI at 303.288.2900 today.

    Managing and Protecting a Building With Emergency Board Up Services in Aurora, CO

    There are times in life when things can go wrong in your home or business, from water damage to structural fires and everything in between. Fixing these problems often requires taking some extra precautions. Contacting the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI is the best choice you can make for comprehensive building restorations. We provide all the necessary steps to keep you safe along the way, including emergency board up services in Aurora, CO.

    Board up services are vital to protecting your building while a restoration is underway. Our experienced technicians seal broken windows and doors, cover holes and gaps, and take any other necessary means to protect your building from the following potential dangers:


    Rain: Dry spells are not a guarantee during the time it takes to fully restore a building. Our board up services keep rainwater out of your home or business, preventing water damage, allowing your home to fully dry out, and protecting your belongings from moisture that could lead to mold growth.

    Wind: Strong winds can blow into building openings and damage the interior if it’s not adequately sealed. Even mild winds can leave some damage, and storm winds can be severely detrimental to the recovery of an already-damaged building.

    Temperatures and humidity: Our board up services also protect buildings under restoration from the dangers of unsuitable climates. High humidity and heat in the summer can leave your interior soggy and create a prime environment for mold growth. Without comprehensive board up services, freezing temperatures in the winter can damage plumbing and snow and ice can damage electrical systems.


    Vandalism: When buildings are open to the public, there is always the opportunity for vandals to play. Graffiti, arson, and general destruction left in the wake of a vandal can set back a recovery by weeks.

    Theft: Open homes and businesses are tempting to burglars and looters. Even after your belongings and furniture are safely packed and transported to a secure location, there are appliances and more that can be vulnerable to theft in an unsealed building.

    Other trespassers: Unless it’s properly boarded up, squatters and other types of trespassers can also have access to your home or business during the restoration process.

    Our restoration technicians and crews start each recovery project with the necessary precautions to protect your building and belongings against outside threats. For more information about our emergency board up services in Aurora, CO, contact ServiceMaster DSI at 303.288.2900.