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    Enjoying the Smoky Taste of the Grill Without the Need for Smoke Cleanup in Centennial, CO

    There are a few things you want smoky, and even more things you do not want smoky. While you’re grilling there are a few ways to create the perfect fire to achieve that desired smoky taste for meats and veggies. While we’re at it, we’ll include a few tips on how to avoid an unintentional fire and thus a smokefilled home. For those times when things are beyond your control and your home furnishings get smoky, ServiceMaster DSI is here to offer smoke cleanup in Centennial, CO.

    • Use a clean cooking grate If you start on a dirty cooking grate you’re bound to add a bit of leftover filth to your fresh meal. Avoid the char and grunge by taking the time to scrub the grate before or after each use.
    • Try flavored wood chips – If you like a smoky flavor, add some natural flavoring with fresh wood chips. You can get wood chips with added flavoring, or keep it simple. (Pro tip: for cooking, not eating!)
    • Keep artificial smoke as a last resort – Cooking indoors or wanting an extra kick? Add artificial smoke, but do so sparingly.
    • Take your time Don’t rush the process. Whether it’s the preheating of charcoal or the slow cooking of a medium steak, have patience!

    In order to keep the smoke confined to your delicious food, follow these quick tips:

    • Keep your grill away from your home If it’s too close to your home sparks can rise up and catch your roof on fire, and a flareup can ignite siding or deck railings. Do not use the grill beneath any type of overhang.
    • Don’t use an excessive amount of lighter fluid – It might be fun to soak the coals to boost the flame, but that also makes an unpredictable fire. That flare-up can surprise you, causing you to get burned or even knock over the grill.
    • Keep it clean! – As mentioned above, keep your grill clean. When it’s dirty, those dry, charred particles catch fire easily.
    • Have a fire extinguisher nearby Be prepared for a worse case scenario by keeping a fire extinguisher nearby.
    • Never walk away from your grill – Always have an adult watching the grill to avoid any accidents.

    ServiceMaster DSI is here for you when things go wrong and your nightmare becomes your reality. If you’ve faced a fire recently, our trained professionals are able to restore your property and rekindle your dreams. Contact us for smoke cleanup in Centennial, CO today.

    Because you Can’t put Your House in a Washing Machine: Smoke Cleanup in Westminster, CO

    Campfires are a common summer pastime as friends and families gather to converse and roast s’mores. Once the evening is done, you throw your clothes in the washing machine and leave that campfire smell behind. But what do you do when your home or business catches fire? ServiceMaster DSI offers smoke cleanup in and around Westminster, CO, to help you leave the fire and nasty stench of smoke behind you.

    Whether it’s a fire in your building or next door, the effects of smoke can linger unless properly handled. Even as the smell may fade, smoke can continue to wreak havoc on your personal belongings. You can trust our professionally trained staff to clean and restore you home before things get worse.

    What types of cleaning can ServiceMaster DSI handle?

    • Carpet and upholstery – The initial impact of smoke damage is likely seen in the harm it has on your belongings. The items that fill your home demonstrate more than the hard work it took to get them, and many hold fond memories or even family history.
    • Wall and ceiling cleaning – It’s overwhelming to walk into a room and see the damage surrounding you. Walls and ceilings are covered with ash and soot, but not for long with ServiceMaster DSI.
    • HVAC cleaning Have you considered where else the smoke has traveled? It’s likely a thought that haunts you. That’s why our trained staff goes above and beyond by addressing every possible location the smoke can linger and eliminating all concerns.
    • Reconstruction – Some things may be beyond cleaning. When structures are destroyed, we have the experts to reconstruct them and help your home look as it did before disaster struck.
    • Odor removal – Throughout smoke cleanup, ServiceMaster DSI takes every step required to remove all signs of smoke, including the odors.
    • And more!

    ServiceMaster DSI thinks beyond the visible by checking those hidden spaces and taking care of the invisible toxins. Smoke cleanup services are crucial to restore your home to a pre-fire state. Call ServiceMaster DSI today to learn more about the extent of our training and how we can best serve your needs in Westminster, CO.

    ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) and what it can do for you in Lakewood, CO

    In the present day and age, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with acronyms. Whether it’s a common phrase, a new business, or a friend just trying to be funny, it seems that you’re constantly trying to decipher something. That’s why we want to clarify for you just what SRM is and how it’ll help you in Lakewood, CO.

    SRM is ServiceMaster Recovery Management, and it provides emergency restoration services in the Lakewood, CO area. ServiceMaster is able to assist you in restoring your business with as little interruption as possible. As part of a nationwide network, we are able to work together to provide aid as soon as a crisis arises. Whether it’s a natural or man-made disaster, our team is here when you need us. SRM can provide a wide variety of services, and we’re ready to lay out a plan to keep your staff and clients safe while recovering your property.

    Imagine a worst case scenario: A severe storm with heavy rains and high winds has ripped through your neighborhood and inflicted devastating damage. SRM can respond quickly to provide emergency power and lighting, which helps aid in our work to extract water from your business. We’ll board-up your building and provide a temporary roof to help prevent further damage. In an attempt to dry out their house, the neighbor builds a fire in their damaged fireplace, which causes smoke and fire damage to not only their home, but also your business. We can handle that too. We will dry out your space, eliminate odors, clean all areas and surfaces, remove debris, and eliminate mold and corrosion. We’re also able to help restore your heating and air conditioning, industrial equipment, electronics, books, and more. We’ll reconstruct your property and manage it so you don’t have to.

    Not there yet? Allow us to help you with pre-emergency planning. Call ServiceMaster DSI to learn more about SRM in Lakewood, CO.

    What is Soot? And Where do I Even Begin With Soot Removal? ServiceMaster has you Covered in Aurora, CO

    Soot. It’s a term you’ve likely heard but may have little experience with. To sum it up, it’s that nasty, smeary, sticky, dark colored residue caused by smoke.

    Your first experience with soot may have been the wispy smudge of a dark streak from a candle burning too close to a wall, or a tacky and splotchy coating around a fireplace. Worse yet, you may have experienced it from a house fire. No matter the cause, soot removal is important for maintaining the health and wellbeing of anyone who may come into contact with it. ServiceMaster Restore has professionally trained staff ready to provide the most thorough and efficient soot removal in and around Aurora, CO.

    The reality: soot is dangerous.

    The damage from smoke and soot and the lasting impact it leaves if it isn’t immediately and properly remediated is tremendous. Soot is a pollutant, exceptionally toxic, and contains carcinogens. It may look harmless, but it’s hazardous stuff. In fact, soot can cause “coronary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis, and many other respiratory illnesses.

    Soot may not be noticeable at first, but overtime it can wear on your health as well as your home. Smoke and soot are corrosive and will continue to eat at your home and health for years to come. Whether it has been days, weeks, or months, the damage will continue if you don’t have your home or business immediately and properly cleaned.

    Rather than living with soot, you can take care of small patches of soot on your own. There are plenty of doityourself guides on the internet, but for a guaranteed and effective method, contact ServiceMaster Restore in Aurora, CO.

    Seek help from our trained professionals and allow us to restore your home or business with professional soot removal – a side effect might just be restored health!

    Growing Concern with Wildfires and Fixing the Destruction with Fire Damage Restoration in Boulder, CO

    Over the past 30 years, most wildfires in Colorado and the surrounding areas have increased in severity, including destruction to both rural and urban regions. This increase has not gone unaddressed, however, as more and more fire safety resources and protection plans have been established in Colorado communities. For the businesses and homeowners, ServiceMaster DSI offers comprehensive fire damage restoration in Boulder, CO and the surrounding Denver-Aurora Metro area.

    Why Colorado’s Wildfires Have Increased in Devastation

    Climate Change: Since 2010, scientists and climate specialists have delved into the links between global warming and the increase in wildfires. Climate changes include year-round increased temperatures in combination with decreased precipitation.

    History of Wildfire Suppression: Wildfires are dangerous, so it’s natural that over the years humans have attempted to suppress the spreading of forest or grass fires. In actuality, wildfires are a vital part of the Colorado ecosystem. Because they have been suppressed for many years, the ground cover that wildfires would normally keep in balance has instead accumulated in dry, thick layers. As such, any fires that ignite are more likely to reach higher levels of spreading and destruction.

    Urban Growth: As Colorado becomes more and more populated, urban settlements are spreading deeper into regions where wildfires are most prevalent. This leads to increased risks of building damage and human-related causes of wildfire.

    Decreasing the Risk of Wildfire on Your Property

    Wildfire Basics: Wildfires move in several directions: horizontally across flat, grassy areas; vertically up trees and buildings; or diagonally jumping from horizontal spaces to varying vertical heights.

    Fuels: Wildfires are able to move in these ways depending on the fuel provided. For example, a fire can move horizontally, burning the pine needles and brush on the ground, while simultaneously moving diagonally and vertically up the surrounding trees, creating dangerous crown fires at the tree tops.

    Defensible Space: Every property has an area of defensible space surrounding it. This space is a section that can be cleared, trimmed, dug, or otherwise altered to create a fuel-free break between the potential wildfire space and a structure.

    Structural Ignitability: The “ignitability,” or ability of a structure to catch fire depends largely on it buildings materials and the regularity of exterior maintenance. For example, a home with wood panels and an accumulation of pine needles on the roof has a higher ignitability than a concrete home with a well-maintained defensible space.

    Find out more about defending your home or business against a wildfire.

    Fire Safety Resources for Boulder
    Home Safety Survey
    Boulder County Wildfire
    Wildfire Partners
    Community Wildfire Protection Plan
    Denver Fire Weather Forecast
    Boulder Fire-Rescue
    Preparing for a Wildfire

    Contact ServiceMaster DSI for 24/7/365 emergency fire damage restoration in Boulder, CO and neighboring cities, and use the wildfire prevention and protection resources available.

    5 Ways to Have a Safe and Enjoyable Bonfire and Prevent the Need for Fire Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

    During the summer months, it’s easy to dream of nights by the fire, s’mores roasted just right, and stories told as the moon rises. Less common are thoughts of a loose fire wreaking havoc on your home, neighborhood, business, and beyond. Here are five key steps to have a fun and safe fire with friends, but for those times when a rogue fire does affect your home or business, contact ServiceMaster DSI for fire damage restoration and smoke cleaning in Denver, CO.

    1. Keep it containedFirst and foremost, always build your fire in a proper fire pit.
    2. Keep it small By keeping the fire at a manageable scale, the possibility of wood tipping out of the pit or sparks spreading diminishes greatly.
    3. Keep it cool In keeping the fire small, you also help keep the temperature down. However, this also applies to the outdoor temperature; always check the local fire status to ensure the conditions are safe for a bonfire.
    4. Keep a watchful eye Never leave a fire unattended, even for a moment. If you’re headed in for the night, douse the fire with water until there is no possibility of it reigniting itself.
    5. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand With the off-chance for any bonfire to spread, always have a response ready. A bucket of water, a fire extinguisher, and a cell phone are just a few safety measures you can put in place.

    Even when these five steps are taken, fires are quick to spread, especially in the dry summer weather. In the devastating event of a fire, Denver has a fast response team to implement fire damage restoration efforts as soon as possible to help prevent further damage to your home or business.

    ServiceMaster DSI will help get your space back in working order. Starting with emergency pre-cleaning, climate control, content removal and storage, a complete assessment of damage, water removal and dehydration, wall cleaning, reconstruction, odor removal, vent clearing, and carpet and fabric restoration.

    No matter the extent of the damage, ServiceMaster DSI is here for all your fire damage restoration needs in Denver, CO.