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    Variable Winter Weather Can Cause Water Damage in Aurora, CO

    Winter is anything but predictable in Aurora, CO. While residents are used to the changeable weather, the effects of a stronger winter storm than initially expected can be damaging to your home. Storm damage and the resulting water damage can be an unexpected event, but luckily, ServiceMaster DSI has been helping Aurora, CO, residents with water damage restoration services with the expertise and power of the ServiceMaster name behind us.

    No matter the cause of your water damage, ServiceMaster DSI can help.

    Burst pipes: It’s often not the storm that’s the biggest concern, but rather the days of bitterly cold weather than surround it. Pipes in un-insulated areas or walls near the exterior of the home are the most at risk for bursting during sustained cold snaps. To help reduce the chance of burst pipes in these areas of the home, leave a small trickle of water running from the faucet.

    Collapsed roofs:  If your roof is older and hasn’t been checked for signs of damage and we have a significant snowfall, your home may be at risk. This often happens after bursts of wet and heavy snow over a short duration.  The damage of a collapsed roof will require both water damage restoration and reconstruction services. ServiceMaster can handle these needs and is ready to respond quickly.

    Quick melts: As we have mentioned, seasons can be fickle in Colorado. When the temperatures start bouncing up and down and it’s been a year of high precipitation, the run off can be a problem. With frozen ground and higher temperatures, that water needs somewhere to go. If you have a compromised grading or low lying areas around your basement, the water will do its best to work its way towards your foundation.

    Cleaning up a flooded basement is a huge undertaking, and one you do not want to take on yourself.

    If Mother Nature delivers an unexpected blow of water damage in your Aurora, CO, home, we can help. ServiceMaster DSI can be on site quickly to help prevent further damage and immediately begin water damage restoration services. Contact us anytime 24/7 at (720) 452-2842.

    Smoke and Soot Damage Can Continue Long After the Fire in Your Denver, CO, Home Without Fire Damage Restoration

    Many people don’t realize it, but after a fire has damaged their Denver, CO, home, smoke and soot can continue to threaten the home with the particulates it leaves behind. Soot has an insidious, greasy residue, a strong odor, and blackens everything it meets. In addition, its chemical composition can continue to degrade and breakdown fabrics, glass, wood, and plastics for days, or even weeks, if not remediated.

    Your home will need help from a qualified fire damage restoration company, and ServiceMaster DSI of Denver, CO, has the tools, knowledge, and heavy duty equipment required for the job. No matter how big or small your fire damage restoration needs are, we can help.

    When fire occurs in a home, the resulting smoke and soot can spread throughout the structure. Smoke is the result of combustion. The particles and characters of the smoke will vary depending on the contents of the home, so smoke and soot damage is different for every home. Cross contamination is common, meaning that not only can your furnishings be damaged, but also critical operations such as your HVAC system. Smoke and soot can also corrode metal and etch through glass due to its highly acidic nature.  Appliances and electronics will be affected because tiny particulates can attach themselves to the wiring, causing short circuiting or overheating. It can also damage delicate artwork, photos, and collectibles.

    Smoke and soot can be very dangerous to humans and animals. Irritating to the eyes, nose and throat, inhaling smoke and soot can damage the respiratory system. Young children and the elderly are especially at risk and should never move back into a home that has not had professional fire damage restoration.

    There’s also the emotional component. The smell of smoke can be very traumatic to those who have lived through a house fire. Our expert technicians use the most up-to-date fire damage restoration techniques to thoroughly remove the lingering smells.
    ServiceMaster DSI is committed to responding immediately to your fire or smoke damage. Call us 24/7/365 for help at (720) 452-2842.

    How Often Should You Have Your Lakewood, CO, Home’s Carpeting Professionally Cleaned?

    After the holidays, you may notice that the carpeting in your Lakewood, CO, home indulged in a little holiday cheer! Spilled drinks, people tracking in snow and road salt, and cookie crumbs can leave your carpeting looking shabby and worn. It’s time for carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster DSI.

    We’re often asked how often carpeting should be cleaned, and there are several factors to take into consideration. The time frames will differ from home to home, but one thing is for certain; the more often you have your carpets professionally cleaned, the longer they will last. Floor coverings are often one of the costliest investments in your home, so the longer they last, the better. To get the very best life out of your carpet, you’ll want to have it cleaned before it’s starting to show signs of wear. Just like you plan for regular oil changes for your car and preventative yearly trips to the doctor, you should plan for regular carpet cleaning services.

    Soil, hair, human skin, and even bacteria and insects might be lurking in your carpet fibers, and vacuuming alone is not enough to remove the grime. Most carpet manufacturers have recommendations for how many times a year they recommend you have your carpet cleaned to keep the warranty intact. However, more frequent carpet cleaning may be needed if you have the following variables underfoot.

    Kids: Kids help make a happy home, but boy can they be messy! Little feet and hands and not-so-little spills and accidents can take a toll on your carpeting. With children in the home, we recommend carpet cleaning twice a year, more often if you have many small children who are on their hands and knees.

    Pets: We love our furry friends, but the shedding and muddy paws can wreak havoc on carpeting. If your pet is aging and has bladder or urine issues, that can add another layer of unwanted soil. A good plan of attack is to schedule carpet cleaning every 4-6 months if you have pets.

    Smoking. If you smoke indoors, the chemicals and tars from the cigars or cigarettes can attach themselves to the carpet fibers. This gooey concoction of chemicals invites dirt to burrow in and for odors to attach themselves. For smokers, the recommended cleaning schedule is every 6 months.

    Not sure how often you need your Lakewood, CO, carpets cleaned?  Call one of our friendly staff and we can talk about the layout of your home and the specifics of your foot-traffic. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    ServiceMaster Is Ready to Provide Disaster Restoration Services in Boulder, CO

    One of the most difficult things about tragedies is that they never happen at a convenient time. Disaster doesn’t care if you’re away on vacation, that it’s a family member’s birthday, or that it’s the holiday season. What will make the difference for you is how quickly help arrives to help you get back to normal again. This is where disaster restoration services from ServiceMaster DSI in Boulder, CO, come in.

    From the very moment the call comes in, we’re on the job helping you pick up the pieces. We are on call and available for locations near and around Boulder, CO, with highly specialized technicians. We offer disaster restoration services for these difficult situations:

    • Biohazardous spills and cleanup
    • Violent crime cleanup
    • Suicide cleanup
    • Biological spill cleanup
    • Viral or bacterial outbreak management
    • Odor removal

    One of the most critical aspects to disaster restoration services is response time. In many situations, the longer it takes for help to arrive on the scene, the more pronounced the losses may be. That’s why ServiceMaster DSI is available in Boulder, CO, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. Disaster doesn’t take a day off, and neither do we.

    Special procedures and knowledge are crucial when it comes to these kinds of disaster restoration clean up services. Every ServiceMaster technician is not only trained for all disaster restoration scenarios; they can also assist with information on how to obtain permits and adhere to any local, state, or federal guidelines for safe removal and disposal. Many of the scenes contain biohazards that can be unsafe or even cause serious illness or death if not handled and remediated properly.  We’ll make sure that the damage is abated and that the cleanup is handled properly at a time where emotions may be high.
    Beyond the technical side of disaster restoration, we understand the emotional aspects of the job as well. We’re often the second responders on the scene, and we can answer questions and provide reassurance.

    Professional, safe, discreet, and the best in the business, ServiceMaster DSI of Denver, CO, can assist you with any scale of disaster restoration. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Signs That You May Have Water Damage in Your Centennial, CO, Home

    If you’re getting ready to purchase or sell a home in Centennial, CO, you should be aware of the signs of water damage. Whether it’s slight or severe, water damage should not be ignored because there is always potential for even greater damage to the building structure. The trained technicians at ServiceMaster DSI see all types of water damage in homes and we’ve put together a list of the signs they recommend you look for.


    Signs of damage outside:

     A home should never be built on the lowest part of the property. If the ground does not slope away from the home, it can be susceptible to water damage during heavy rains or spring snow thaws. Walk around the exterior near the foundation and check for cracks or irregularities. Also, check that downspouts divert water well away from the home and that gutters are intact and attached with no cracks or areas that have rusted through. Shutters that cover the window frames should not show signs of water damage, mold, or warping, which would indicate that water has made its way through the windows to the interior. Cracked or missing shingles should be noted as they could indicate leaking in the attic.


    Damage inside:

     Inside the home, look for these telltale signs of damage: Water spots or rings on ceilings, walls, or freshly painted patches may mean that the water damage happened recently. In the bathroom, check for soft or sagging areas around the tub or toilet, and check for the same in the kitchen area around dishwashers. Lifting of laminate or wood flooring can indicate water damage as well. Under the kitchen and bathroom sinks, check for watermarks, warping, and discoloration that may indicate leaking pipes.

    In the basement, check for rust on the water heater and damage around the washing machine. If there is a strong mold smell, that can indicate that water damage was not properly remediated and mold started to develop.

    If while inspecting your Centennial, CO, home, you discover water damage, it doesn’t mean you must cancel the sale.  You can rely on ServiceMaster DSI to assess the damage, create a remediation plan, and restore the home to safe living or selling conditions. Contact us at (720) 452-2842 to help you with all of your water damage restoration needs.

    Trauma Cleanup for Greater Denver and Westminster, CO

    ServiceMaster DSI offers trauma, biohazard, and crime scene cleanup for private homeowners, businesses, and property managers in Westminster, CO, as well as for use in commercially zoned business. A biohazard is any sort of disaster that deals with living organisms, most typically from humans. These hazards can be extremely toxic and require specialized trauma cleaning that shouldn’t be attempted by untrained individuals.

    There are currently four levels of biohazards, ranked by how dangerous they are:

    • Level 1: Non-infectious bacteria, viruses, and minor bacteria that can cause sicknesses such as strep throat, pinkeye, and chicken pox
    • Level 2: Mild bacteria and viruses that are more difficult to contract through human interactions, such as Lyme disease, mumps, and measles
    • Level 3:  Potentially fatal, but thanks to the advances of modern medicine, we have vaccines to prevent. Examples include West Nile, SARS, and Polio
    • Level 4: Left untreated, these are the bacteria and viruses that can cause death, such as Ebola and Marburg

    Being exposed to any of these at any level can be dangerous to humans. Most often, these pathogens are transmitted by human blood, bodily fluids, and tissue. They can often be present at crime scenes or natural or man-made disasters. Some of the biohazard clean up that we offer in Westminster, CO, includes:

    • Death in a home; natural cause, violent crime, or suicide
    • Drug crime scenes including methamphetamine labs
    • Sewage back up, spills, or main sewer pipe breaks or contamination.

    Every case is different and will require a specific trauma clean up protocol to clean and make the home or business safe to inhabit. After the proper authorities are called to secure the scene, your next call should be to ServiceMaster DSI. Our trained technicians have up-to-date training on how to safely capture and remove dangerous biohazards properly and in accordance to all current state and local codes. Please contact us at (720) 452-2842 for professional trauma clean up.