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    ServiceMaster DSI Offers Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup in Centennial, CO

    Hoarding is a very difficult and embarrassing affliction for many people in Centennial, CO. It’s so much more than being lazy; it’s a serious medical condition. Closely linked to OCD, a hoarder is an extreme version of someone who feels that nothing can be thrown away because it might someday become useful. As a culture, we are used to disposable one-use items, but to a hoarder throwing out those objects is painful and causes distress.

    Beyond the mental stress of hoarding is the fact that it produces many health risks to the hoarder. Homes can be physically dangerous to live in. Extreme clutter creates the perfect storm of insect infestations, mold, and water damage. ServiceMaster DSI of Centennial, CO, has been solving hoarding disasters and providing professional and compassionate hoarding cleanup with life-changing results.

    If your family member, loved one, or anyone you care about is in a hoarding circumstance, we understand the many risks involved. Our specially trained technicians are ready 24/7/365 to help you move forward and put your mind at ease in the knowledge that help is here for you anytime you need it. We are dedicated to cleaning the clutter, properly disposing of contaminated items, and restoring the property.

    Hoarding disposal often means the worst kinds of garbage and biohazardous waste. Please do not try to tackle this alone: it’s dangerous and can put both your mental health and physical health at risk. Our technicians have the best equipment and the ServiceMaster name behind them to assist with hoarding cleanup. They will help clean, disinfect, and restore the property.

    Hoarding services include:

    • Water damage
    • Mold damage restoration
    • Safe debris removal, including biohazards
    • Recycling and donating unnecessary items
    • Facilitation of paperwork required by lawyers, trusts, and government agencies

    If it’s time to take back your life or the life of a loved one who suffers from hoarding, contact us at (720) 452-2842 for professional, compassionate hoarding cleanup in Centennial, CO.

    Situations That Require Sensitive Trauma Cleanup by ServiceMaster DSI in Westminster, CO

    When most people hear the word “trauma,” they associate it with things like serious injuries, car accidents, or people who are having a hard time coping with something serious. In the world of professional disaster services, trauma has a much different definition. ServiceMaster DSI of Denver helps people, homes, and facilities recover after serious events in Westminster, CO.


    Crime Scene Cleanup: Unless you’re a professional law enforcement agent or a paramedic, the scene of a crime is probably something you’ve never had to deal with before. On top of the emotional toll of having to witness the aftermath, there are important steps that must be taken to secure the site and return the home or facility to its pre-loss condition. If the police were involved trying to subdue a suspect, there could be chemicals such as mace or pepper spray, as well as blood, bone, and human tissue on the scene. If drugs were manufactured at the crime scene, there are procedures to be followed to be sure everything is disposed of properly before remediation. Trauma cleanup procedures have strict protocols to protect everyone involved.


    Biohazard Cleanup: Bodily fluids such as blood, tissue, and saliva carry microorganisms. These bloodborne pathogens pose a direct risk to human health and welfare. Our highly-trained technicians are certified to safely dispose of all biohazards and have the appropriate uniforms, gloves, and protective eyewear to keep themselves from being harmed. You should never attempt to clean up human blood or tissue by yourself. Always call the experts!


    Unattended Death: Trauma cleanup services are needed once an unattended death is discovered. When a person dies from natural causes, suicide, or an accident, the body begins decaying immediately. Fluids leak onto the surrounding surfaces and can soak into floors, furniture, or mattresses. The biological process of decomposition only takes a few hours to be full-blown and creates an unpleasant odor that needs trauma clean up using specialized equipment and chemicals.


    We service homes, vehicles, commercial buildings, rental properties, or anywhere else you need trauma cleanup in Westminster, CO. We can help you with insurance claims during this difficult and confusing time. ServiceMaster DSI can help ease your suffering with our compassionate and professional trauma cleanup. Contact us today for your trauma cleanup needs.