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    Pack Out Services After a Home Disaster in Centennial, CO

    If you have been the victim of a disaster such as fire, flood, or a natural disaster, your home may need several weeks or even months of repair. During this time, it’s important that the contents of your home are kept safe. So just what exactly are pack-out services, which do you need, and why should you hire a professional to do this service?
    Protecting Your Valuables

    The main goal of a pack-out service is to protect your items. During this time, the items may be cleaned or simply stored, depending on the damage done. To prevent further damage to your valuables, it’s important that this service is done by a company with experience in disaster restoration services. Depending on the circumstances, your items may be stored in a secure location in your home or off-site.
    Onsite Pack-Out

    If the damage is not too extensive or contained to one area, often items can be safely secured within your home. Our trained technicians can assess the areas and the damage to determine if your valuables are best kept there during the reconstruction process.

    Container Pack-Out

    If there are a lot of items, large items, or the damage is too widespread to store items in the home, a container or pod can be used. We can advise and assist you with obtaining the permits needed or determining allowable areas that the container may be legally used in your area in Centennial, CO. The items are locked and secured in these units until the home is restored.
    Off-Site Pack-Out
    In the case of wide scale damage to a home, an off-site storage unit may be necessary. ServiceMaster DSI can advise you of the secured and climate controlled sites available to you and our trained pack-out team will move the items to the unit for you. In some cases, your homeowner’s insurance may cover these costs.
    Reduce Loss of Property

    A trained pack-out team has the required knowledge to deal with damage from a fire, flood, or natural disaster and will work to contain the damage to your possessions. While you get back on your feet, we’ll work tirelessly to restore your home and keep your property safe. If you’ve experienced a loss and need pack-out services for your home in Centennial, CO, contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    How to Cope With Hoarder Cleanup in Westminster, CO

    Hoarding in a family can often be a dirty little secret that no one wants to deal with. Hoarding is a very complex disease closely linked with obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it can be difficult to help the people afflicted with it. When conditions worsen to the point that outside help is needed, ServiceMaster DSI provides compassionate, discreet hoarding cleanup for families in Westminster, CO.

    The emotional dealings with hoarders can leave you upset, overwhelmed, and frustrated. Because of this, the last thing you need to worry about is the extensive cleanup that is necessary to make the home inhabitable. Our trained technicians can assist with the hoarding cleanup, which will allow you to focus on the emotional aspects that are of the utmost importance to you.

    Hoarding creates dangerous environments in a home.  Some of these include:

    Poor Air Quality
    Because hoarders often live in homes that are cramped and crowded with objects that they cannot bear to part with, it creates the perfect environment for mold, bacteria, and pathogens to grow. The presence of these airborne particles results in poor air quality, which can seriously affect the health of the home’s inhabitants.
    Fire Hazards
    A vast majority of hoarding situations result in a buildup of objects in the home. This debris can pile up and block hallways and exits. Fire safety is a big issue for hoarders because their homes can easily become tinderboxes and fire spreads very quickly.

    Health Effects
    The accumulation of objects or animals in the home means an increase in fumes, bacteria, and pathogens that can pose significant health risks. Hoarders often aren’t able to discern the effects of this, which is a condition known as Anosmia, or the inability to sense smells.  A buildup of ammonia byproducts from animals or decaying insects and feces can be very dangerous to the inhabitants or any guests in the home. This type of home needs specialized hoarding cleanup to be sure that all federal and state guidelines are met for cleaning and disposing of debris in Westminster, CO.

    Handling hoarding cleanup can be hazardous, and the best course of action is to call ServiceMaster DSI for professional help. For more information about our hoarder cleanup in Westminster, CO, and the surrounding area, contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Biohazard Levels That Require Trauma Cleanup in Lakewood, CO

    It’s human nature to be fearful of natural disasters that will affect our homes and the people we love. If you asked 10 people to name disasters they worried about, most would cite their home or business catching fire, a severe flood, or an unexpected weather event. However, there is another kind of disaster that most people don’t think of: exposure to biohazards. These situations require immediate cleanup by highly trained specialists to make sure that lives are not compromised. In these kinds of disasters that require trauma cleanup, you can trust on ServiceMaster DSI in Lakewood, CO.

    The CDC, or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, categorizes the levels of biohazards into four distinct categories.

    Level 1: This includes bacteria and viruses that require caution but are the least invasive of the classes. Some examples of Level 1 biohazards are Escherichia coli, Bacillus subtilis, and Saccharomyces cerevisiae. These biohazards require immediate cleanup but are not generally seen as life-threatening unless the people affected have compromised immune systems.
    Level 2: This level moves into the realm of pathogens, which means they can cause serious disease and even death if left unattended or if arrangements are not made for trauma cleanup.  Examples include Hepatitis A, B, and C viruses, human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), pathogenic Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella, and Toxoplasma.

    Level 3: These biohazards can cause fatal diseases and death, but they have vaccines to treat them if discovered. Commonly heard of Level 3 biohazards include anthrax, tuberculosis, SARS virus, West Nile virus, and malaria.

    Level 4: These are fatal and severe pathogens that have no known vaccine or cure for treatment. They must be handled with the highest standard of care available for the safety of everyone. This category includes Ebola virus, Marburg virus, and hemorrhagic diseases.
    Traumatic situations that include biohazard cleanup often require more than just professionalism.  Our technicians are trained to approach every trauma cleanup scene with care, sensitivity, and complete adherence to quality standards in removal.  Contact us for your trauma cleanup needs in Lakewood, CO, at (720) 452-2842.

    Insurance and Water Damage: What You Need to Know in Denver, CO

    After your Denver, CO, home suffers water damage, the stress and confusion can be overwhelming. After you peer down your basement stairs and see inches of water, what are your next steps? ServiceMaster DSI has helpful tips on what you should know about water damage restoration and insurance claims

    First, stay safe. Don’t attempt to wade through ankle high water in your basement. If the electricity is still on, this is even more important! If you can safely get to the place where the water is rushing in, do so, but if you can’t, call your local utility company for a water shut off. There could be dangerous chemicals, mold, mildew, or even pathogens in that water, so if possible, wait for the experts.

    Call your insurance agent. It’s a good policy to keep your documents in a secure place, and to scan your declaration page and upload it to an online cloud base so you can access it quickly. The declarations page has all the important information on what your policy covers in regards to water damage, including the deductibles, limitations, or exclusions.

    Take photos of the damage if you can do so safely. After photos are taken, you can also remove any critical items before help arrives. For example, if you see the family photo album floating along, grab it, but don’t attempt to restore it.  Just put it in a dry place until the water damage restoration experts arrive.

    Contact ServiceMaster DSI in Denver, CO. We’ll arrive on the scene quickly to immediately begin remediating the water and attempting salvage as much as possible. We can extract water, begin the drying process, pack out items, and board up if necessary. During each stage, we can provide you with written estimates to work with your insurance agency. Many homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover floods and may not cover water damage, so it’s important to know that information as soon as possible.

    We know that water damage in your home is stressful. Our trained, experienced technicians can give you the peace of mind that your home is being restored by the best of the best in Denver, CO. From water extraction to the restoration of your precious home items, our teams will get you through the crisis of water damage in your home. Contact us at (317) 288-2900.

    Sewage Contamination Cleanup After Severe Storms in Boulder, CO

    With the variable weather in Colorado, we’re used to storm fronts coming in quickly and sometimes without much warning. Unfortunately, these storms can cause widespread flooding. Precipitation from rain or snow melt can cause sewers to back up or main lines to be infiltrated. ServiceMaster DSI can assist with sewage and storm damage cleanup in your Boulder, CO, home or business.

    When it comes to sewer damage, you should never attempt to remediate the situation by yourself. Dangerous microbes, germs, and mold can infect the area quickly, putting your health and the health of the building’ inhabitants at risk. Having an experienced, trained company to help you at this critical time is key to minimizing losses.

    The Cleaning Process

    The type of sewage contamination will be assessed so that the technicians can work to safely restore the area and remove the water damage. Once the water is safely removed and the electricity is restored, our technicians can begin to work on the infected area.  Our technicians will make every effort to clean every item that the sewage may have come into contact with.

    Walls, floors, and other areas will be cleaned using specialized solutions that safely clean and disinfect.

    If clothing has been affected, they will be cleaned by dry cleaning or hot water cleaning methods.

    Furniture and carpeting affected only by water and not by contaminated sewage may be able to be cleaned and restored. If not, we can remove the items for disposal.

    After the sewer damage cleanup and disinfection procedures are completed, the affected area and items are thoroughly dried to prevent mold growth.

    If sewage affects the outside of the home, storm damage technicians can assist with this as well by sprinkling lime and then disposing of it after it absorbs the sewage.

    Our disaster hotline is available to you if you have suffered storm or sewage damage clean up and need disaster restoration services in Boulder, CO. Our expert technicians have the correct equipment, cleaning solutions, and experience to help you through this difficult time. When you experience a disaster, it’s good to know that the company you’re hiring has extensive experience in storm damage restoration to get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition. Contact ServiceMaster DSI of Boulder, CO, at (720) 452-2842.

    How to Extend the Life of Your Floor Covering with Carpet Cleaning from ServiceMaster DSI in Aurora, CO

    If you’ve bought a home or a business and replaced the carpeting, you’re probably aware that the average life span of carpeting is about 10 years. With the substantial investment you’ve made it only makes sense to stretch it as far as possible! Each home or business will find the time for replacement varies with the amount of foot traffic and other factors such as pets, small children, or smokers in the home. With regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services, your Aurora, CO, home or business can keep the carpet looking newer longer.

    Tips on how to keep that carpet protected and looking great between professional carpet cleanings include:

    • Door Mats or Entry Mats – The simplest and most effective way to keep entry ways, common areas, or high traffic areas clean are mats placed in each area. A good rule of thumb is that a mat should be about three strides long to capture dirt and moisture
    • Vacuuming – One of the most important and overlooked chores is regular vacuuming. Did you know each manufacturer of carpeting has recommended times on how often you should be vacuuming per week? Most of the major brands recommend 2 times per week, but that should be increased if you have small children, pets, or smokers in the home. A human sheds 1 million skin cells per hour. Combine that with soil, dust, and insects. The buildup in your carpeting can be adding up! You sure don’t want to be walking on, laying on, or breathing that in daily! Make sure you’re using a vacuum with up-to-date HEPA filters, and don’t forget to clean the baseboard area
    • Spot Cleaning – Removing spills and spots as quickly as possible helps prevent them from setting into the fibers. It shouldn’t be an alternative to professional carpet cleaning, but a measure to keep the carpet from developing discoloration or even worse, having to replace the entire carpeted area
    • Restorative Deep Carpet Cleaning – Our deep cleaning systems use equipment and solutions that extract residues, soils, and allergens. With our hot water extraction methods, we draw out dirt, oils, and other filth from your carpeting, leaving it restored and refreshed. Depending on the size of your home or building, we can customize a plan for carpeting cleaning that’s right for you

    If your carpets need a little TLC and it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning for your Aurora, CO, home or business, contact us today at (720) 452-2842.