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    Carpet Cleaning Done by Professionals Makes a Difference in Your Denver, CO, Home

    If the carpets are looking dirty and dingy in your Denver, CO, home, it may be tempting to rent a carpet cleaning machine and supplies at your local grocery store and just take care of it yourself. The lure of saving money is always there for most homeowners and it seems innocuous enough; just sign on the dotted line, pay your money, fire up the machine, and follow the instructions.

    But are you really saving money? Let’s look at some things to consider before you spend money on do-it-yourself carpet cleaning services.

    Superior equipment. I think we can all agree that the community-shared carpet cleaner is probably not top-of-the-line when it comes to cleaning machines. Our commercial grade equipment is meticulously maintained and our trained technicians know how to evaluate your floorcoverings to make sure they are cleaned the right way. We pre-treat the areas that need it, and we know how to handle ground-in dirt, stains, and even pet urine. Our truck-mounted systems clean deep down into the fiber of the carpeting, releasing grime, dirt, and allergens. Then we extract the mess, leaving your carpets beautifully cleaned and restored.

    Saves you time. Our carpet cleaning technicians can often clean the carpets in your entire home in the time it takes you to sign paperwork, load up the carpet cleaning machine, and figure out the cleaning solutions. What a hassle! You’ll save yourself the frustration and get superior results with ServiceMaster DSI’s carpet cleaning services.

    Done right the first time. Don’t forget to consider drying time; because our water extraction method is far superior to a grocery store machine, your carpets will be dry in as little as a few hours to a business day. Keeping kids and pets off damp carpet for days is a real inconvenience! Because we know the proper amount of detergents and solvents to clean your carpet, you can be sure that there won’t be sticky residue left. Too much detergent can make your carpets dirtier if it’s not extracted correctly. Grease and grime will bond to the cleaning agents, making a wet, sticky mess.  After spending hours lugging dirty water to dump out and all the time it takes to clean your carpets, it can be frustrating and disheartening to see that a few days later your carpets look worse than they did before you cleaned.

    Get your groceries from the grocery store and leave the carpet cleaning to Denver’s experts, ServiceMaster DSI. Contact us at (720) 452-2842 to schedule your residential carpet cleaning for the best results.

    Black Water Damage Restoration in Boulder, CO

    Black water, more commonly called “sewage,” is any water that is loaded with biological material. This toxic sludge is most commonly made up of laundry water, human waste, grease, oil, and food chunks. It’s a known biohazard and it contains numerous pathogens, bacteria, and diseases, so it’s no surprise that if it invades your Boulder, CO, home, it’s serious business. ServiceMaster DSI has the training and the know-how to deal with any water damage situations where black water might be present, such as mainline sewer backups, toilet backups or leaks, and kitchen sink backups and overflows.

    You should never attempt remediation of black water in your Boulder, Co, home. Black water can contain harmful algae that multiply rapidly, creating toxic algae blooms that can cause serious health risks if anyone in your home is exposed to it. Within a matter of hours, you could find yourself suffering from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and even more serious health issues such as liver failure. Our trained technicians have the proper suits, eyewear, and the expertise to safely clean the area and legally dispose of the hazardous materials. It’s very important that the water damage restoration is done in such a way that the water is never released back into our environment, as the toxic nature of the water can seriously damage the ecosystem.

    If you suspect that the water that has invaded your home is black water, please seek professional help right away for water damage restoration. Call ServiceMaster DSI at (720) 452-2842. When your home suffers from black water, it’s not the time to look for the cheapest solution, as the remediation must be done with the most careful of procedures to help restore your home to its pre-loss condition. Our technicians will provide you with a detailed roadmap of how we will safely extract and restore your home after black water damage. We also work with your insurance agency to help you through this difficult process.

    No matter what time of day or night, contact us at (720) 452-2842 to begin the water damage restoration process for your home. Our competent, knowledgeable staff will be on hand quickly to answer any questions you have and begin restoring your home.

    Preventing Fires in Your Centennial, CO, Home

    Fire is often described as a “force of nature,” likely because once it starts it’s very hard to control. Even small scale fires can cost thousands of dollars in fire restoration. ServiceMaster DSI is the leading fire damage restoration specialist in Centennial, CO, and every day we help people begin to restore their homes and their lives after fire damage. Here are some ways that you can work to prevent fires in your home.

    Teach respect for fire. Fire should never be left unattended in a home and children should never be allowed to play with candles or gas stoves. Teaching fire safety at home will raise children who are aware of the dangers of fire.

    Store flammables properly. Never store any fuel, chemicals, or flammable liquids in the home; instead, store them in an outdoor shed or garage. Remember that even something as innocuous as paint thinner is highly flammable and can act as an accelerant if there is a fire in your home.

    Have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Fire damage restoration needed on homes that do not have working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers can cost as much as double, says the National Fire and Safety Association.  Make sure that you have the correct number of smoke alarms needed for your home and have your extinguishers checked yearly.

    Practice kitchen safety. Never leave the kitchen when cooking. Beware of items close to the stove that can catch fire such as dishtowels and oven mitts, and turn in handles on the stove to prevent pans from being knocked down. Clean vents and grills frequently to allow proper ventilation.

    Check electrical cords. Cords that get moved frequently can fray and show signs of wear. Don’t use multiple connections or extensions from ungrounded cords to connect to one outlet, as that can overload your system. Make sure that cords are plugged into one outlet or use an approved power strip.

    ServiceMaster DSI hopes that these tips will help you avoid fire damage restoration in your home in Centennial, CO. If you do need help with fire damage restoration or know someone who does, please contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Proper Use of Fire Extinguishers Prevents Fire Damage in Boulder, CO

    Fire extinguishers should be used in every home and business in Boulder, CO. When used quickly, they can save lives and reduce the impact of fire damage. A working knowledge of the kinds of fire extinguishers can come in handy in the event of a fire in your home, office, or business.

    Fire needs oxygen to spread and a fire extinguisher works by helping to snuff out the oxygen. A fire extinguisher cools the temperature of the fuel that’s feeding the fire and halts the chemical reaction of the fire. The dry chemical and water mix helps slow or stop the combustion of the fire.

    Ratings of Fire Extinguishers

    A: A-rated extinguishers use compressed water and are effective in fighting fires that involve paper and wood.

    B: B-rated extinguishers use carbon dioxide as the agent and are best for fires that are fueled by oil, solvents, gas, or kerosene.

    C: C-rate extinguishers use a dry chemical that does not conduct electricity, so it is useful for fires that start in a computer room.

    ABC: ABC-rated extinguishers are useful for all of the above listed fires, so they are a good all-purpose solution.

    D: D-rated extinguishers are used for fires started by metal or powder, such as in laboratories or steel or metal workshops.

    K: K-rated extinguishers fight fires that involve fuel or fats. They are good for kitchen areas.

    To avoid widespread fire damage restoration, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) advises that every property should have the appropriate fire extinguishers on each level. When purchasing a fire extinguisher, look for the Underwrites Laboratory (UL) seal, as they are the gold standard in residential or commercial non-professional firefighting equipment.

    If you experience fire damage, water damage, or smoke damage in your Boulder, CO, home or business, ServiceMaster DSI can assist with fire damage restoration services. You can contact us anytime day or night in the greater Boulder, CO, area at (720) 452-2842.