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    Telltale Signs of Water Damage in Your Boulder, CO, Home

    When disasters such as flooding happen in Boulder, CO, it’s easy to know where to look to see the damage caused by the water. But water damage can be even more insidious when it’s out of sight, because by the time the damage is discovered it can already have led to problems with mold or even structural damage to your home. By recognizing these common signs, you can avoid water damage in your home, or at least catch it in the very early stages before it requires significant water damage restoration.

    Checking for Water Damage Outside

    The grading around the foundation of your home is the first place you should check, especially in the spring after the winter snow has melted. The ground should slope away from your home, leading the water away. Experts recommend a five-degree slope away from the home on all sides. To determine this, measure 6 feet away from the foundation and determine if the ground is at least 3 inches lower than the ground next to your home. If not, you can fill the ground yourself, or hire a landscaping firm to trench and fill around your home. You should also check the exterior of your home for signs of water damage, especially under the eaves and gutters. Clogged gutters and downspouts are common culprits that cause water damage. Finally, inspect your roof for any lost shingles and check your windows and doors to see if they are properly sealed.

    Checking for Water Damage Inside

     The following are signs of water damage inside your home: 

    • Sagging floors, especially near appliances or tubs
    • Warping of cabinets under sinks
    • Wet spots on walls or ceilings
    • Warping of laminate or hardwood flooring
    • Rust on the outside of your water heater
    • Musty smells
    • Seepage on walls in basement
    • Leaky appliances such as dishwashers or washers

    If your home in Boulder, CO, or the surroundings area has been hit by water damage, ServiceMaster DSI is here to help. We can assist you anytime, day or night, no matter how small or how severe the water damage is. Don’t put off calling! You can contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Fire Damage Restoration Services For all Types of Fires in Centennial, CO

    Often when people call us, they have just sustained their first fire-related loss. Likely, you’re overwhelmed and unsure what to do next. You can rest easy knowing that we have helped people get their homes back to pre-loss condition countless times over the years in Centennial, CO, and we are here to help.

    Our years of experience in fire damage restoration mean that we have advanced proven scientific methods to restore your building and personal property. Attempting to DIY the restoration can make the damage worse. Complex chemical reactions along with hidden damages can be dangerous, potentially leading to more sustained losses for your home. Don’t trust your home restoration to anyone but an experienced expert.

    Types of Fires Your Home May Have Sustained

    Furnace Malfunction. Oil furnaces or heating mechanisms within the furnace that malfunction can cause smoke damage throughout the home.

    Protein/Grease. Food from the stove or oven, often caused by burning animal fats, can burn with a strong odor and the residue is difficult to remove.

    Complex. The combination of natural items (such as wood) and synthetic (such as plastics) in homes can result in black smoke and soot that create a chemical reaction that corrodes items in the home.

    Forces of Nature. The smoke from forest fires, trees, and burn piles that have gotten out of control can penetrate your home from the outside, leaving smoke and odors present.

    Acting quickly will help minimize losses, so it’s important to reach out to us as soon as possible after it’s safe to go back to your home. We can start mitigating the fire damage by arranging board up services, pack out, and content restoration, as well as structural cleaning and restoration. Our trained technicians are available anytime day or night for you if you sustain fire damage in Centennial, CO. Contact us (720) 452-2842.

    Trained Biohazard Cleanup in Aurora, CO, by ServiceMaster DSI

    Contamination and infectious diseases are two of the most serious biohazardous threats after any trauma event. These threats to your safety (and even to your life) are best left to the professional trauma cleanup specialists at ServiceMaster DSI. We can be on site quickly to help contain, clean, and remediate the aftermath caused by a traumatic situation.

    There are a multitude of factors that confront our bio-technicians each day. This is the reason they go through rigorous training. Some examples might be;

    • How best to remediate different affected surfaces
    • The location where the biohazard occurred, such as, a confined space or fall hazards
    • The different risks of dealing with pathogens

    With their extensive knowledge, our ServiceMaster DSI technicians are equipped with only the best EPA -approved cleansers and disinfectants. The methods to contain and capture the biohazards that may otherwise spread pathogens and cause disease have been developed over many years. Many serious diseases related to human bodily fluids may be present, including the threat of HIV, Hepatitis, C. Diff, Norovirus and many others. Therefore, these fluids need to be dealt with in very specific ways to eradicate and avoid the spread of disease.

    The disposal of regulated waste is also extremely important in trauma cleanup. Blood, bodily fluids, sharps, and human remains must be remediated, disposed of, and transported in accordance to federal, state, and local government standards. This includes using specific bags, barrels, and color-coded containers marked apparatus for disposal.

    Our technicians complete the necessary training for certification in OSHA 10 Safety Policies and Procedures and biohazard remediation, which means, they are the biohazard management professionals in Aurora, CO. They will arrive on site, assess the situation, and begin remediation immediately, allowing you to deal with the other important issues at hand in your family or business.
    When you need experienced, safe, and competent professionals for trauma cleanup, look no further than ServiceMaster DSI in Aurora, CO. Contact us anytime day or night at (720) 452-2842.