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    3 Signs of Compulsive Hoarding in Denver, CO

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    The phrase “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” speaks to the fact that an item that may be useless to you can be a prized possession to another. You’ve probably also been asked if you’re a “glass half-full or a glass half-empty” person. Your ability to see the world in a certain way is the product of your upbringing, experiences, social customs, and the state of your mental health.

    People with compulsive hoarding complex don’t have the capacity to determine if something is important or not based on their experiences and beliefs; they believe everything is important. They exhibit anxiety, poor social skills, procrastination, and avoidance in their attempt to contain their world to their home, often shutting out friends and loved ones. If you suspect a hoarding situation in Denver, CO, here are three signs to look for:

    • Collecting Items of Little or No Value. It’s one thing to be a collector of items that interest you, but hoarders take it to an extreme level, often spending much more than they can afford on items to have a “complete” collection. From this spawns the need to collect items that have no value such as empty containers, newspapers or magazines, broken items, and sometimes pets. This can lead to dangerous living situations as the house fills up with items that can cause bacteria and mold to grow
    • Attachment to Useless Items. Hoarders often attach great value to items that are useless, damaged, or broken. To them it may represent a happier time in their life, or they believe there will come a day they can use the item again. As the hoarding increases, they no longer can distinguish the difference between a playbill from the theatre they went to long ago from the wrappers from the hamburgers from last night’s dinner. Everything has an attachment that is warped by their compulsive disorder
    • Inability to Discard Items. Because they cannot discern items of importance from trash, they become almost paralyzed with fear when it comes to getting rid of anything. It can be very difficult to convince them to allow for cleanup of the hoarded items, and it can be very frustrating

    ServiceMaster DSI provides hoarding cleanup for residents in Denver, CO who have been affected by hoarding to help bring their homes back to safe and livable conditions. Our trained technicians understand the unique needs of a person with this unusual illness and can help with the process of organizing, sorting, and decluttering the home. If needed, we can provide resources for mental health officials and state and local authorities for proper disposal of items. Finally, we can help rebuild and restore the home if it has suffered structural damage from the hoarding.

    For professional, reliable, and compassionate hoarding cleanup in Denver, CO, contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Trauma Cleanup Services in Boulder, CO


    At a time when you’re enduring a trauma in your life, it can be emotionally devastating. Cleaning up the scene is not the responsibility of the police, and attempting to do it yourself can be dangerous and heartbreaking. In Boulder, CO, our trained and compassionate crews can be on site quickly for any type of trauma cleanup.

    Unattended Deaths
    At the scene of an unattended death, the body can be in many stages of decomposition.  This process happens very quickly, so surrounding areas near the body may be affected. Because the body releases pathogens and bacteria, this can quickly turn into a biohazard scene in which careful practices must be followed. Our ServiceMaster trauma cleanup specialists are trained to deal with disposal and cleanup, and we carefully follow all state and local ordinances.

    Crime scene

    Violent crimes, suicides, or accidents require specialized training to remediate properly if the home is to be inhabitable again. Crime scenes usually contain blood, bodily fluids, and other body matter, as well as the investigative methods used to catalog them. This isn’t an easy scene to take in as a loved one—it can be a rather unsettling final memory. However, hiring a professional trauma cleanup service will save you undo grief during this difficult time.

    Vehicular accidents

    After an accident in a car, blood and bodily fluids may be present, leaving behind dangerous blood borne pathogens and bacteria. We can make sure that your car is cleaned properly, including the upholstery and floors so that the vehicle is safe to drive again.  

    Hoarding cleanup

    In a hoarding situation, empathy and skilled cleaners are key. Our trained staff can clean, sanitize, and rebuild areas of a home that has suffered from hoarding. There are many stages of hoarding; however, our crew has the training and resources to restore any home to pre-loss condition from hoarding.

    If you need any trauma cleanup services in Boulder, CO, ServiceMaster is here to help you through this difficult time. We have the experience and the right people to help. Contact us anytime, day or night for help with trauma cleanup at (720) 452-2842.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Recommendations in Centennial, CO


    Spring is giving way to summer’s heat, and now’s the perfect time to invest in commercial carpet cleaning for your Centennial, CO, business. With diminished rains and no threat of tracking ice and snow into your facility, your carpeting will look great for months, and possibly even into the New Year. There are some specific steps recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to keep your carpet properly maintained. By following these easy steps, you can feel good that your customers and staff are seeing your business at its best while decreasing the need for replacement floor coverings over the years.

    Vacuum Daily. Vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep carpet looking great, and one of the most often overlooked. It’s not necessary to vacuum wall-to-wall every day. Vacuum the high traffic areas daily, then do a thorough vacuum once a week. The CRI recommends these certified commercial grade vacuums.

    Clean Up Spills Immediately. If a stain sets into the fiber of the carpeting, it can be difficult to remove, even with commercial carpet cleaning solutions. Be sure to cleanup spilled coffee, juices, or anything with a dark pigment as quickly as possible. ServiceMaster DSI will spot-clean those trouble areas before performing our complete carpet cleaning, but a bit of prevention can make a big difference in the outcome.

    Use Walk-Off Mats.  Any area that has high traffic means your carpet is taking a battering with ground in dirt, bacteria, and even pathogens. Walk-off mats will help prevent dirt, allergens, and other harmful particulates from coming in on shoes.

    Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning Services.  Putting off cleaning carpets causes major damage to fibers and the integrity of the carpeting. We can help you come up with a carpet cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your company and helps put your best foot forward with appearances with your customers.

    ServiceMaster DSI is the leader in carpet cleaning services in the Centennial, CO, area, and we’d be happy to speak to you about the specific needs of your company. Contact us today at (720) 452-2842.

    4 Grill Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Fire Damage Restoration in Westminster, CO

    DSI_Denver_4As the warm weather finally rolls into Westminster, CO, people are getting out of the kitchen and firing up their grills! While grilling is indeed a great American pastime, the National Fire Incident Reporting System reports that grill fires on residential properties result in 37 million dollars in property loss each year.  Even the most delicious burger isn’t worth the need to have extensive fire damage restoration performed, so here are four important tips to help you practice safe grilling:

    1. Handle Propane Safely:  Propane is a highly flammable, volatile gas in a pressurized tank. Do not store propane tanks in garages or outdoor sheds where high temperatures could cause the tanks to leak, possibly explode, and cause a fire.
    2. The 3 Foot Rule: Maintain a three-foot distance from homes, garages, fences, sheds, or trees when grilling. The heat or spark from the grill could inadvertently start a fire.
    3. Maintain your Grill: When you dust-off the grill for the summer, check and replace any broken or brittle fuel hoses, and ensure no insects or critters are making a home in the grill. Sand or repair rusted areas, and keep the grill clean to avoid grease fires and flare-ups.
    4. Don’t Leave the Grill Unattended: Never allow a grill to be unattended, even during slow cooking scenarios. Also, keep pets and small children well away from the grill so tender fingers and noses don’t get burned!

    Even a small grill fire can create the need for extensive fire damage restoration. If a grill fire affects your Westminster, CO home, contact us immediately at (720) 452-2842, anytime, day or night, for help.  Don’t let time pass, as fire damage can continue to occur long after the flames have been extinguished! We offer professional fire damage restoration in Westminster, CO and the surrounding areas.