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    Let the Water Damage Experts Assist You after a Disaster in Lakewood, CO

    flood over city

    Coloradoans pride themselves on being self-sufficient and pioneers of spirit in Lakewood, CO. Every weekend you can find many people outdoors working on their homes and landscaping, and we’re proud of the community we’ve created. However, when disaster hits and water damage has invaded your home, you need professional water damage restoration specialists. ServiceMaster DSI can help you whether it’s a few inches of water or a more damaging and dangerous flood in your home.

    When you encounter flooding in your home, it’s a shock. Here’s some advice on what to do when water damage affects your home:

    • If you can safely get to where the source of water is coming in, shut off the flow
    • If the flooding is too dangerous, contact us immediately
    • If the main water valve is somewhere in the home, shut it off
    • If you’re unsure where the main water valve is, contact the utility company
    • If the water is unsanitary (such as a sewer backup), turn around, exit the area immediately, and call us at (720) 452-2842

    To be done right, water damage restoration should be performed in carefully executed stages. Attempting to move things too quickly or removing the water yourself can be hazardous to your health. Standing water contains many unknowns such as:

    • Bactria
    • Mold
    • Microbes
    • Pests
    • Feces

    Let our trained water damage restoration technicians help you. We can safely and efficiently remove waterlogged items from your home and begin the restoration process. We understand the items in your home are precious and contain many memories. We’ll work tirelessly to help restore your home and possessions to pre-loss condition.

    We’ll remove damaged items, dry the area, and clean and fully sanitize the area with the right equipment to keep everyone involved safe. If items need to be taken off-site to restore them, we’ll take care of that too. We understand the devastation you’re feeling, and we’re here to help you 24/7/365.

    If your home suffers water damage of any type, contact our expert water damage restoration specialists in Lakewood, CO immediately at (720) 452-2842.

    Do You Need Tough Love Before a Hoarding Cleanup in Boulder, CO?

    hoarding cleanupHoarding is such a difficult situation and full of complex emotions and feelings for both the hoarder and their loved ones. The sad fact is that if you have a family member or someone close to you that’s suffering from a hoarding disorder, you may be called upon to make hard decisions to safeguard their health. This can include contacting adult protection services, social workers, or county assistance to deal with the mental health aspects of the disease. The good news is that in Boulder, CO, ServiceMaster DSI has extensive experience in hoarding cleanup and we can help you with the difficult physical aspects of the disorder.

    Gain Access


    It’s not unusual for a hoarder to isolate themselves and not allow people into the home as the disease progresses because they’re ashamed or fearful. If this is the case, you absolutely must find a way in to determine if the conditions are dangerous whether it’s by convincing them to let you in or calling upon authorities.


    Assess the Living Space


    Look around the home and take stock of the seriousness of the hoarding, such as:

    • Broken appliances
    • Very little room to walk
    • Structural damage to the home
    • Piles of seemingly useless objects
    • Pests or rodent droppings
    • Unusable rooms
    • Poor lighting or lack of electricity
    • Mold or other pathogens in view



    Call the Hoarding Cleanup Experts


    If you see any of these signs, it’s critical that you hire a reputable hoarding cleanup service. We can assist you with clean up, pack out and cleaning, and deodorizing the home to help make it inhabitable again. While you deal with the difficult emotional factor with your loved one, let us take care of the home. Our trained and compassionate hoarding cleaning technicians can be on the scene quickly to assess the damage and begin a plan to return the home to pre-loss condition.


    If you’re dealing with a loved one, family member, or friend who has a hoarding problem and needs hoarding cleanup in Boulder, CO, contact us at (720) 452-2842 today.

    Mental Health Effects of Trauma Cleanup in Centennial, CO

    grieving woman on couch next to manWhen thinking about dealing with a traumatic event, you probably understand it can be very difficult to sort through the emotions and feelings you have and get back on track to “normal life.” Now imagine having to do that after having to clean up blood and bodily fluids from the trauma scene first. For most people, the idea is horrifying and a real setback to regaining your mental health. That’s why you need a professional, experienced trauma cleanup crew if you experience this in Centennial, CO.

    How a Specialist Performs Trauma Cleanup

     Trained trauma cleanup specialists know how important this job is and take it seriously. They take specific and actionable steps to ensure that the job is done right to keep everyone safe. These steps include:

    • Securing and set up of the location. This includes setting up an area to keep the cleanup supplies and suiting up for the affected area before entering.
    • Proper use of personal protective equipment to keep them and anyone in the area safe. The technicians understand the very real chances of spreading infections and that the aftermath of trauma scenes can contain biohazards that can include HIV, Hepatitis C, and other unknown bacteria that can be a health hazard. Therefore, they wear items such as face masks, fluid resistant gowns, eye shields, and industrial latex gloves. This caution is needed to prevent infections from spreading to unaffected areas of the home.
    • Through cleaning, sanitation, removal, and disposal. The right cleaning solutions are critical, and all of our trauma cleanup technicians are highly trained and skilled in assessing the scenes and understanding what products are best to use.

    It’s clear that this type of cleanup takes a specialist, and if left to a friend or family member could be heartbreaking as well as dangerous. If you need help with trauma cleanup, don’t try to tackle it yourself. Allow us to assist you in this time of need with highly trained and compassionate trauma cleanup services.

    Contact us at (720) 452-2842 anytime, day or night. Our technicians are standing by 24/7/365 in Centennial, CO.

    Tackling Black Water Flood Damage in Westminster, CO

    flood damageHaving a flood in Westminster, CO is bad enough, but when the floodwater has contaminants in it, it’s even worse. This kind of flooding is called black water, and it can cause serious damage to your home, facility, or building. Many factors can contribute to the unwelcome appearance of black water including sewage backflows, floods from streams or rivers, or any other time that water exposed to organic elements enters a building. Remediating black water contamination and flood damage should never be done by someone inexperienced in water damage restoration. A water damage restoration professional knows how to accurately assess the flood  damage, sanitize the area, and restore the building.

    If you encounter flooding and you’re unsure if the water is black water, err on the side of caution and assume it is and contact us immediately at (720) 452-2842. We’re available to take your call 24/7/365.


    ServiceMaster DSI’s steps to water damage remediation include:


    • Ensuring the Safety of all Who Are in the Building. Every person who enters the building will be provided with protective equipment such as gloves, hats, boots, eye protection, and, if needed, respirators
    • A Thorough Inspection of the Property. We carefully inspect every area to determine what can or cannot be restored. From this inspection we move forward with a plan of action and remediation
    • Removal of Excess Water. To prevent damage from spreading we remove the contaminated water, any items that are contaminated, sewage waste or any other biohazards present, and dispose of it properly and safely. Surfaces are cleaned, deodorized, and sanitized with disinfectants
    • Drying and Dehumidifying the Area. With professional-grade air movers and dehumidification systems, we establish a safe level of moisture to the air and continually monitor it to keep it safe

    For professional flood damage restoration, mold removal and abatement, and biohazard cleanup in the Westminster, CO area, contact us to help.