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    Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners After a Fire or Flood in Westminster, CO

    carpet cleanersDisasters happen every day in homes and businesses in Westminster, CO. These can include flooding, fires, and storm damage and can leave your home or facility devastated by the damage that you will need help with quickly. Carpeting especially takes a beating when water or smoke is involved. If your carpets have been affected by flooding or fire damage, then we can help you with professional carpeting cleaners.

    When carpets have been damaged in a disaster, attempting the cleaning yourself can cause more harm than good. DIY carpet cleaners and expensive solutions from the grocery store is just no match for our powerful systems, not to mention we have trained professionals cleaning your carpet. Hire a professional and get it right the first time!

    Benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners:


    Carpet Cleaners On-Site Quickly


    When you’re reeling with the aftermath of a disaster, the last thing you want is to have one more thing to do. We’ll arrive on the scene fast and give prompt attention to your carpet, determining the best course for restoration. The faster the water or smoke is removed from the carpeting, the less damage it will do.


    Soot Removal


    Soot is very difficult to remove. It’s comprised of many different chemicals including the sticky molecules that make it insidious to fibers. Prompt removal can help increase the likelihood that your carpet can be restored instead of needing replacement.


    Water Extraction and Drying


    After the fire, your carpeting can be left soaking wet from water used during the firefighting efforts or from sprinkler systems. All the moisture can quickly lead to mold and mildew if it’s not properly remediated. Professional carpet cleaning will remove the water to start the drying process.


    Saves Time and Money


    Cleaning your carpets yourself after a disaster will not save you time or money. Weeks later you could be dealing with mold in the carpeting or the lingering smell of smoke. Don’t add to your trauma, have professional carpet cleaning done to save you from having to go through another restoration.


    If your home or business has been affected by fire or flooding in Westminster, CO, call us anytime day or night at (720) 452-2842.





    Challenges Faced After Fire Damage in Your Denver, CO Home

    home fire

    Fire can cause significant personal injury and loss of property, and the trauma from a fire can last a long time in your memory. ServiceMaster DSI in Denver, CO understands how difficult it can be in the aftermath of a fire and can help you with professional fire damage restoration while you tend to the emotional needs of everyone affected by the fire.

    When we arrive at your home, we will immediately assess the damage and begin a targeted plan for cleanup. Here are some of the challenges we may be looking at and how it will help us design a fire damage restoration plan that will bring your home back to pre-loss condition.

    Identifying the Nature of the Fire

    Professional fire damage restoration teams first need to ascertain what type of fire happened before remediation efforts are started. High oxygen fires that burn big and bright will produce a dry smoke residue, while low oxygen fires that smolder for hours create a much more difficult residue to clean. If water was used in the efforts to fight the fire, this would mean high humidity levels in the home from the saturation into the structure and contents of the home. Our experienced fire damage restoration professionals will be able to understand the issues each type of fire creates and take the right steps to restore your home.

    Performing the Right Smoke Damage Restoration

    Cleanup after a fire must be done quickly to ensure the best remediation result possible. If smoke is left to linger, odors will remain which creates many unpleasant memories.   We will do the following:

    • Pack Out Smoke Damaged Items: Smoke damaged items in your home can be taken off-site to be cleaned and deodorized. This will help mitigate some of the smoke damage in the home and allows the technicians to tend to structural issues.
    • Cleaning and Deodorizing: We use a variety of methods to clean and deodorize your home, including ozone treatments, thermal foggers, and high capacity fans.
    • Sealing Surfaces: After the cleaning is finished, surfaces such as wood structures are sealed to prevent any remaining smoke smell from leaching out.

    Our fire damage restoration technicians in Denver, CO have the right training and the right equipment to help you after your family has been through the trauma of a fire. Let us help you recover your home while you get through this challenging time. We’re available 24/7/365 for your call at (720) 452-2842.

    Learn About the Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup Process in Boulder, CO

    servicemaster employee assessing damage

    It doesn’t matter the size of the fire— if you’ve had flames you’ve had damage in your Boulder, CO home or business. Smoke damage and fire damage restoration is what we do, and we can help ensure your home or facility is safe to inhabit again after a fire.

    The smoke that happens during a fire in your home or business has different effects on parts of the area depending on the type of fire and the items that were damaged. We’re fire damage restoration experts and have an experienced staff of disaster restoration technicians dedicated to getting your home or business back to pre-loss condition

    Identify the Source
    Identifying the sources helps us determine what surfaces have been affected by smoke damage and the level of damage they have received. This is also important to note for insurance reasons as well as restoration evaluations. We conduct test cleanings on surfaces to figure out what kind of procedures we’ll move forward with. If necessary, we also have alternative methods if we feel the areas are still damaged by smoke.

     Contain and Control Further Fire Damage
    ny items that are still flammable in the area will be removed by a smoke damage expert. Even when the flames are out, there are possibilities of areas that still are holding heat within the walls, ceiling, or framework of the area. We take no chances and remove anything that could be a possibility for more damage.

    Remove Damaged Items
    Any items in the fire damaged area will be removed so the smoke and fire damage restoration can begin within the facility. If items are damaged by smoke, we can take them to another location for restoration with our pack out services. If items have been damaged by water from the firefighting efforts, we can begin the drying process in temperature and climate-controlled areas. 

    If the area is smoke damaged we can help confine and contain the smell to keep it from affecting air quality in other parts of the building. We can also provide tarping, barricading, and fencing to ensure the area is kept free from pests, animals, or vandals.

    If your home or facility has suffered from smoke or fire damage, call the ServiceMaster DSI disaster restoration specialists in Boulder, CO at (720) 452-2842 immediately!

    Mistakes Not to Make When A Disaster Hits Your Denver, CO Home & Where to Find Disaster Restoration Help


    From the time you’re little, adults are always telling you what to do in dangerous or scary situations. Stop, drop, and roll. Put your head down. Don’t go anywhere with strangers. But when disaster strikes your home in Denver, CO, you may be feeling woefully unprepared. Even the most prepared person has told us that the process of disaster restoration on their home was emotional and stressful. It’s so easy to get misguided advice and make wrong choices, so we want to help save you from that scenario. Here are some things not to do when disaster hits:

    1. Waiting to call a disaster restoration specialist. It’s human nature to want to sort through the damage and save what you can and to try and work out how the home can be saved. But the longer you put off calling us; the more damage will occur. The water used to save your home encourages rapid mold growth. Smoke damage ruins your grandmother’s china. Fire damage weakens the supports of your home. We can’t state this more emphatically; the sooner you call, the
    2. Deciding to DIY your restoration. It’s said that the average American has less than $1000 in savings for a disaster scenario, so it’s no wonder that many people immediately begin to worry about money and how they will pay for services. We work with all insurances, and our project managers will lead you through how the disaster restoration process works for you. Sadly, many DIY jobs don’t go well, and we end up having to re-do the work, which causes distress for the homeowner.
    3. Choosing a company that doesn’t specialize in disaster restoration. Just because a dentist holds a medical degree doesn’t mean he can fix your foot problems. We specialize in disaster restoration and have the right technicians for each job that needs to be done. Our technicians are highly trained, highly skilled and highly competent in disaster restoration.

    If your home has suffered from disaster and needs restoration in Denver, CO or the surrounding area, contact us for help. We’re available 24/7/365 for your call. Contact us at (720) 452-2842

    Fire Damage Restoration and Smoke Damage Cleanup in Aurora, CO

    fire damage restoration


    Fire can cause a tremendous amount of destruction in a short period of time. The result can be traumatic, and while you’re dealing with that you’re also trying take care of family members. After the flames are out, don’t trust an inexperienced firm to deal with your fire damage restoration services on your home in Aurora, CO.


    Contact us as soon as possible after the fire is extinguished as delays will increase the amount of property damage. We’re available for you 24/7/365 for just that reason. We know how important it is to get on the scene quickly and start restoration as soon as we get the go-ahead from the emergency crews and insurers.

    When we arrive at your home, our fire mitigation team will be looking at several challenges that almost all fires bring:


    1. Determining the Type of Fire – Fire damage remediation starts with figuring out what kind of fire caused the damage. High-oxygen fires burn bright and fast and leave a dry smoke residue, while a low-oxygen fire produces a smoky, wet residue. All of this information plays into what methods we use for fire damage restoration.
    2. Water Damage – If water was used in the firefighting efforts, it adds another layer of restoration as the humidity level in what remains in the home will be high. Water also means that the smoke had something to cling to, which results in a greater amount of smoke residue.
    3. Odor Removal – Next, we work on removing the source of the odor, be it on-site or off-site if needed. We clean using a variety of methods included thermal foggers and ozone treatments. We then sanitize and seal all porous surfaces that may have been affected by the smoke. We know how important full cleanup and restoration is to you and your family!


    If your home in Aurora, CO has been damaged by fire and you need immediate help with fire damage restoration, contact us at (720) 452-2842.