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    How Safe is your Boulder, CO Home from an Electrical Fire? Finding Fire Damage Restoration Help

    fire-damage-restorationElectricity powers our lives now more than ever. From the switch that brings light to our kitchen to the power that charges several cell phones in every home, we all rely on electrical power to get us through our day-to-day lives. Electronics are part of our culture, but they put a stress on our home’s electrical system, and homeowners in Boulder, CO need to be vigilant about keeping their homes safe from an electrical fire that could cause fire damage. Keep reading to learn tips from fire damage restoration pros on how to keep your home safe!


    Electrical fires can start anywhere in the home but are most common in attics, bedrooms, and kitchens. Here are some things to be looking for to help prevent fire damage in your home:

    • Lights flicking or dimming when using other devices
    • Discolored outlets
    • Blowing fuses or tripping circuit breakers when using high-drain appliances
    • Sparks from an outlet when inserting a plug
    • Buzzing or crackling noises in a room
    • Tingling when touching an electrical appliance
    • Cords or outlets that are warm to the touch
    • An ozone-smelling haze in a room


    To keep yourself and home safe, don’t:

    • Unplug devices by pulling on the cord
    • Run cords under rugs or nail them around doorways
    • Use electrical tape to fix a cord
    • Overload outlets, extension cords, or power strips
    • Use devices or cords outdoors that are rated for indoor use only


    For optimum safety, be mindful of these recommendations:

    • Replace any cords that are broken or frayed
    • Extension cords should only be used as a temporary solution
    • Use the approved wattage-rated light bulb for the fixture
    • Call an electrician if you have any signs of electrical problems


    Fires don’t have to be intense blazes to require fire damage restoration. Electrical fires can cause extreme damage due to the thick, acrid smoke and soot they create. ServiceMaster DSI in Boulder, CO can help if your home needs fire damage restoration of any sort 24/7/365. Don’t attempt to put out electrical fires yourself. Call 911 immediately, and then contact us at (720) 452-2842. We can be on site quickly after the area is safe to assist with any fire damage restorations you may need.

    Flash Floods and Water Damage Restoration in Centennial, CO

    flash floods by apartment building

    If you live in an area that is prone to flash flooding, you know that it’s more than a nuisance. Flooding can be a real threat to your basement or entire home, requiring disaster restoration services. If you are concerned about flooding or have been a victim of home water damage because of flash flooding in Centennial, CO, ServiceMaster DSI can help you.


    Is Your Home at Risk?

    The National Flood Insurance Program provides a map that allows you to easily identify whether your home is at risk of flooding. If your home is in a flood plain, be sure to make a flood plan before any flooding happens! Assemble a flood emergency kit in an easily accessible area in case you need to get out of your home quickly. A large waterproof storage container works well, and having items such as a flashlight, candles, bottled water, and phone chargers can be helpful if you are faced with flooding. Have an evacuation strategy, and a plan to stay with a friend or family member if possible.


    Check Your Insurance

    Not every homeowner’s policy includes flood insurance, and it’s much better to know this in advance rather than finding out that you must pay for disaster restoration out of pocket.


    Keep Vigilant with Weather Apps

    Flash floods are not entirely predictable, but for the most part, they can be forecast. If there is a flash flood warning in your area, take it seriously and watch the weather. Local and national weather services have mobile apps that will alert you 24/7/365 to serious weather events in your area.

    If You Are in a Flash Flood

    Do not leave your home until the warning has expired. Even a few inches of fast-moving water can knock you off your feet, and as little as 8 inches of water can sweep away cars. If any area of your home has filled with water, we can be on site as soon as it is safe to assist you with flood and disaster restoration.


    We have years of experience as well as trained disaster restoration specialists who can be on site quickly to help you. We are available 24/7/365 to help with water damage restoration in the Centennial, CO, area. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    What to do in the Event of an Unattended Death & Where to Find Trauma Cleanup in Westminster, CO


    No one can imagine the heartache and pain that comes when you are involved with finding a loved one in an unattended death scenario. While we all hope never to have to deal with such a terrible event, it does pay to be prepared in case you are presented with this tragic circumstance in Westminster, CO. The trauma cleanup professionals want to help you know what to do in the event of tragedy.


    Unattended Deaths Should Always be Reported


    It doesn’t matter if the death was a suicide, accident, or from natural causes, deaths should always be reported to the authorities. In some cases, if you don’t, you’re not only putting yourself and your family at risk, but there are legal repercussions.


    Contact a Death Representative or Funeral Home


    While this may be the first time you’ve ever had to deal with death, there are experts out there who can help you through it. If you are a family member, it is your responsibility to help carry your loved one’s final wishes. From a health and safety standpoint, a human body begins decomposing immediately after death and biohazards and other pathogens may be present, so removing the body is important to keep you and others in the immediate area safe.

    Ask for Assistance

    Gather people around you to help with contacting local friends and family as well as those that may be far away, so they can make arrangements to attend any services.  If you are dealing with the body and making arrangements, you don’t need to take on being the coordinator of contacting everyone.




    Contact the Deceased’s Insurance Agent


    They can start the claim process immediately, which may help defray any funeral and burial costs.


    Contact Trauma Cleanup Professionals in Westminster, CO


    Confronting an unattended death is disturbing enough without having to think about cleaning up the trauma. Our experienced trauma cleanup technicians can assist you in this most challenging time. We have the tools, training, and expertise to safely clean the area and dispose of any biohazardous materials, returning your home to its pre-loss condition.

    We are available to take your call and assist you with trauma cleanup from an unattended death 24/7/365. For immediate assistance, contact us at (720) 452-2842, and we’ll be on the scene quickly to help.

    Reduce Stress After a Flood or Fire with Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Lakewood, CO

    commercial-carpet-cleaningIf the commercial carpeting in your Lakewood, CO, business has been damaged by flooding or a fire, count on ServiceMaster DSI to help. We provide professional carpet cleaning services when your business needs help the most. Don’t rely on fly by night companies or think about renting a carpet cleaner and tackling it yourself; that will just cause you more undue stress at a time when you don’t need more! Hiring a professional commercial carpet cleaning company will allow you to avoid costly mistakes and get you back to business as usual ASAP.


    Quick Response Time and Fast Cleanup

    At a time when you don’t have a minute to spare, our prompt attention to your carpets mean less damage done by water, smoke or soot.


    Soot Removal Services

    When soot damages carpeting after a fire, it can leave sticky residues which are difficult to remove. Attempting to clean these on your own may make the problem worse and can even void the manufacturer’s warranty on your carpeting. Let our professional, experienced carpet cleaning technicians help you.


    Water Damage and Humidity Control

    After a fire, water damage from sprinkler systems is often also present. This means you not only have water in your carpeting, but you may have a moisture problem in the building itself. This can lead to mold and mildew in growth if proper carpet cleaning is not done quickly. The longer water sits, the worse the damage becomes, leading to costly replacements. Our carpet cleaning technicians are available 24/7, so we can help you avoid replacing your carpets.

    Pack Out Services

    To efficiently clean carpeting, furniture and other belongings must be removed. This saves them and your carpeting from further damage and allows us to begin the restoration process. We can pack out items and provide climate-controlled storing if they need restoration or just a place to live while your carpeting is being restored.

    Find Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning Today

    If you’ve had flooding or a fire in your Lakewood, CO business, we’re here to help with carpet cleaning and disaster restoration services. We’re available 24/7/365 at (720) 452-2842 or contact us online. Our experienced team has the right tools, products, and expertise to help restore your commercial carpeting to its pre-loss condition today!