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    Emergency Board Up Services After Water Damage in Lakewood, CO


    Board up services are necessary after major disasters such as tornados, but something as seemingly innocent as a heavy downpour can also cause significant damage. When water damage occurs, ServiceMaster DSI of Lakewood, CO, can be onsite quickly to provide emergency board up services so your property doesn’t sustain further damage.

    Protect your flooring.  No matter if your flooring is wood, concrete, or vinyl, sustained contact with water will mean bad news. The water will break down adhesives, weaken the structure, and, if not remediated quickly, total replacement of the flooring will be needed. Once the water is removed and the area dried, protecting it from damage from the elements is crucial to reconstruction.

    Keep Interior Walls Dry. The structure and the walls of any building quickly degrade when exposed to water. It takes only a few hours of sustained wetness to destroy sheetrock, wear away at drywall, and put a wooden structure at risk. The chances for mold greatly increased with each hour that passes, especially in the case of waterlogged insulation. Board up services will allow for reconstruction while keeping the area dry.

    Protect the Property. Vandals, looters, and even animals can take advantage of an unsecured property. We can provide quick and efficient board up services as well as other barricades such as fencing, cones, and temporary walls.

    When your home or business in Lakewood, CO, suffers from water damage due to any accident, natural or otherwise, we can be onsite quickly to help. We offer full-service water damage restoration as well as pack out services, board up services, and reconstruction. You can trust a company who’ll be onsite from start to finish to return your building to its pre-loss condition. Contact us immediately when you need help with board up services in the Lakewood, CO, area at (720) 452-2842.

    Temporary Weatherization and Emergency Board Up Services in Lakewood, CO

    Coping with a disaster affecting your home or business is often a difficult process in itself, but handling an exposed building during a restoration can make that process even more difficult. When fire, floods, or other disastrous circumstances leave your building exposed to the elements, the damage can quickly accumulate. ServiceMaster DSI teams are experienced and well-equipped to handle all your restoration needs. When it comes to a comprehensive recovery, there is no replacement for our emergency board up services in Lakewood, CO.

    Any open areas in your home or business, such as broken windows, structure wounds, or roof damage, can compromise the safety of untouched areas in your building. While vandals and thieves can play a role in further damaging your property, wind and weather are the primary concerns for buildings undergoing restoration. In cases of long-term restoration or severe damage, any exposed areas in a building must be sealed immediately.

    Our board up services act as a way of temporarily weatherizing your home, protecting it against rain, wind, severe temperatures, humidity, and more. While most cases of weatherizing buildings are designed to make energy consumption more efficient, many methods of weatherization also work to seal a damaged or vacant building against the dangers of the elements.

    These methods can include:

    • Insulating and protecting exposed pipes
    • Installing building wrap and temporary protective siding
    • Securing proper ventilation to protect interiors
    • Installing storm doors and windows
    • Adding insulation where needed
    • Sealing cracks in doors, windows, and other entryways
    • Adding drains and waterproofing unprotected areas
    • Sealing non-functioning air ducts and ventilation passages to the exterior
    • Boarding up damaged areas
    • Securing entire building against trespassersWeatherizing a building is beneficial in many situations, whether its purpose is energy conservation or emergency board up. Our board up teams can quickly secure your home or business, making it ready for a comprehensive recovery.

      For more information about our restoration and emergency board up services in Lakewood, CO,contact ServiceMaster DSI at 303.288.2900 today.