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    Carpet Cleaning after Smoke and Fire Damage in Aurora, CO

    carpet cleaning after fireAfter smoke and fire damage has been remediated from your home or business in Aurora, CO, there’s one more step to make sure you won’t have ongoing unpleasant memories lurking; carpet cleaning services. Even if your carpeted areas were nowhere near the area affected by smoke and fire damage, if you don’t have your carpets professionally cleaned, you may find that weeks or months down the line you’ll walk into the room and smell the lingering, sickening smell of smoke.

    The reason for this is that smoke particulates are tiny. Many millions of the particulates from smoke and soot can fit on the head of a pin. Because of their small size, during a fire, they can move quickly through walls and ventilation systems and settle onto and deeply into carpeting and fabrics. Because of the chemical nature of smoke and soot, it can carry small molecules that are oily or greasy, and those tiny particulates can cling to fibers quite easily. It doesn’t take long for even a small fire to affect carpeting throughout an entire complex.

    ServiceMaster DSI provides professional carpet cleaning services for Aurora, CO as part of our fire damage restoration services. Let us help you restore and preserve the floor covering in your home or office to remove the smells of the smoke and the unpleasant memories associated with them.

    We will:

    • Spot treat any problem areas
    • Deep clean the fibers with commercial grade cleaning solutions
    • Safely extract the dirt and associated odors

    Floorcovering can be a major replacement cost after a fire. Before you decide to replace all your carpeting, give us a call for a no-obligation assessment. Our technicians are all highly-trained in the most advanced carpet cleaning and odor removal techniques and will work hard to restore your carpeting.

    We’re available to help you with your carpet cleaning and odor removal needs in Aurora, CO. If your home or business has experienced fire damage, please contact us immediately at (720) 452-8242.




    Moldy Carpets after Floods Can Put Your Family at Risk in Lakewood, CO; Carpet Cleaning by ServiceMaster DSI


    home water damageExperiencing a flood in a home can be devastating. The word “flooding” is often associated with large amounts of water gushing into a home, but in truth, it only takes a few inches of water to cause severe damage in a home. Removing the contents of the home and extracting the water is just the beginning of the water damage restoration that needs to be done for you to live safely in the home again. Carpets are often damaged during floods, and to add insult to injury, if water is left standing, you can also be dealing with mold growth in the carpeting.

    Flooding can be caused by a variety of events such as a leak, broken pipe, or a weather event that causes water to enter your home. Just a little bit of moisture in your carpeting can create the right environment for mold to grow. Mold is known to cause many types of health problems. It can make you uncomfortable and sneezy, and at the very worst, extremely ill. To make sure your carpeting doesn’t become a breeding grown for mold, professional carpet cleaning should be done as soon as possible after flooding occurs in your Lakewood, CO, home or business.

    In the aftermath of water damage, ServiceMaster DSI will assess the area, test carpet fibers, and determine if the cleaning requires removal of the carpeting to get to the padding beneath, an area where mold likes to breed. We then use state-of-the-art equipment and extraction systems to pull water out of the padding and the carpet fibers. The carpet will then be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed, leaving no soapy residue.
    Carpet cleaning after a flood can save you from costly carpet replacement, but fast action is needed. Never let water sit after a flood, even for a few hours. The faster you act, the faster we can react and help. We’re available 24/7/365 to help you with your carpet cleaning after flooding in Lakewood, CO. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Water Damaged Carpets in your Aurora, CO, Home Require Professional Carpet Cleaning

    When your Aurora, Co, home has suffered from water damage, your carpets are probably the last thing you’re thinking of. However, damaged carpets require more attention than a once over with a rental unit. To return your carpets to their pre-loss condition, they need rigorous restoration and treatment. The experts at ServiceMaster DSI are trained in treating different types of water damage and can salvage your damaged carpets.

    The Type of Water Matters

    Water damage can come from a variety of sources but not all water damage is equal. For example, damage from natural flooding or a sewage backup is caused by ‘black water’ or water that carries dirt, bacteria, and other hazardous materials. On the other hand, water from a burst pipe is clean and free of debris. Treatment for damage caused by black water will be more rigorous as your carpets need to be thoroughly disinfected and cleaned to remove hazardous materials.

     How does ServiceMaster DSI Clean Damaged Carpets?

    Water Removal- Regardless of the type of water in your home, our water damage restoration technicians will first remove any excess water using industrial grade pumps. We also use specialized shop-vacs to remove excess moisture from the carpets.

    Cleaning- Once excess water is removed, we will begin the cleaning process. First, any obvious spots or stains will be pre-treated. Then, a hot water solution will be used over the entire carpet, removing excess dirt or grime embedded in the carpet fibers.

    Drying- After the carpet is cleaned, our technicians will begin the drying process. We rake the carpet to ensure the fibers are uniform. This significantly expedites the drying time and ensures the carpet drives evenly.

    If your carpets have been damaged by water, you’ll need more than a rental unit to restore them. Rely on the experts at ServiceMaster DSI to restore your carpets and your Aurora, CO, home to pre-loss condition. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    5 Tips for Keeping Your Lakewood, CO, Carpeting Looking Like New

    carpet cleaning

    Carpeting is one of the costliest items you’ll put in your Lakewood, CO, home, so keeping it properly maintained is important! Well-maintained carpets look good and feel great on your bare feet. If you’re looking to get the longest possible life out of your carpeting in your home, then follow ServiceMaster DSI’s five tips to keep your carpet looking great for years:

    1. Shoes Off, Please. This simple tip is one that surprises people. Think of where you and your guests have walked during the day. You’ve walked on grass that has pests, animal feces, or urine; in public bathrooms; and across muddy areas that dried to your shoes. Removing shoes when you come inside keeps the outside where it should be: outside and not on your carpeting.
    2. Invest in a Quality Vacuum. Buy a good one that you won’t have to replace after a few years, and keep it maintained and use it often. Most manufacturers recommend vacuuming two times per week, but if you have kids or pets, then three times may be needed.
    3. Rearrange Your Furniture. Furniture creates traffic paths and puts dents in your carpeting from the weight. By changing things up, you can change the flow of traffic and your carpet will wear more evenly.
    4. Professionally Clean Carpet Annually. Like other features of your home that benefit from annual cleaning and maintenance, have your carpet cleaned by ServiceMaster DSI’s trained carpet cleaning technicians once per year to extend its life. If you have pets, smokers, or kids, twice per year is suggested.
    5. Don’t Let Stains Linger. When spills happen, clean them up quickly. Remember to dab, not rub at stains, and use club soda to lift the stain. Contact us if the stain is very set in and threatens to ruin the carpet.

    Is your carpet in need of a professional cleaning? Trust the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI in Lakewood, CO. Contact us online or at (720) 452-2842.

    Protect Your Investment: Clean Your Carpets Regularly in Westminster, CO

    Carpet Cleaning ServiceMaster DSI

    If you’re a business owner in Westminster, CO, and you don’t have a commercial carpet maintenance program in place, you may be risking the health of your employees as well as the clients or customers that are in your facility. Consider these statistics:

    • Some bacteria and pathogens are hearty strains and can live in carpeting for as long as two weeks
    • The average person sheds 1.5 million skin flakes per hour
    • Dust mites and fleas can live in carpeting for as long as a month if commercial grade vacuums are not used

    Protect your investment in your floor covering and invest in the health of your company with commercial carpet cleaning by ServiceMaster DSI. Our state-of-the-art cleaning equipment and fully trained carpet care technicians will clean and protect your carpet from stains, grime, and nasty germs and viruses.

    Protect Your Investment by Hiring the Best

    Did you know that improperly cleaning your carpets can invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty? If your business is a busy workplace, then spills and stains are bound to happen. With our carpet cleaning services, you’ll be able to stay on top of keeping your floor covering looking great, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your investment is being cared for and properly maintained. Our technicians will make sure that any spot or stain is pre-treated and will clean the carpets with the most advanced techniques available.

    Improve the Air Quality at Your Business

    Carpets that aren’t professionally cleaned can accumulate pounds of dirt and soil in the fibers. All the dust and allergens ground into the fibers will be disturbed by foot traffic and will end up in the air and will be breathed in by customers and staff. When a carpet is properly cleaned and maintained, it will improve the air quality at your business. Carpets should be professionally cleaned at least once a year or more often for high-traffic buildings.

    ServiceMaster DSI of Westminster, CO, has custom solutions for your commercial carpet cleaning needs. Contact us online or by phone at (720) 452-2842.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning Recommendations in Centennial, CO


    Spring is giving way to summer’s heat, and now’s the perfect time to invest in commercial carpet cleaning for your Centennial, CO, business. With diminished rains and no threat of tracking ice and snow into your facility, your carpeting will look great for months, and possibly even into the New Year. There are some specific steps recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) to keep your carpet properly maintained. By following these easy steps, you can feel good that your customers and staff are seeing your business at its best while decreasing the need for replacement floor coverings over the years.

    Vacuum Daily. Vacuuming is one of the best ways to keep carpet looking great, and one of the most often overlooked. It’s not necessary to vacuum wall-to-wall every day. Vacuum the high traffic areas daily, then do a thorough vacuum once a week. The CRI recommends these certified commercial grade vacuums.

    Clean Up Spills Immediately. If a stain sets into the fiber of the carpeting, it can be difficult to remove, even with commercial carpet cleaning solutions. Be sure to cleanup spilled coffee, juices, or anything with a dark pigment as quickly as possible. ServiceMaster DSI will spot-clean those trouble areas before performing our complete carpet cleaning, but a bit of prevention can make a big difference in the outcome.

    Use Walk-Off Mats.  Any area that has high traffic means your carpet is taking a battering with ground in dirt, bacteria, and even pathogens. Walk-off mats will help prevent dirt, allergens, and other harmful particulates from coming in on shoes.

    Schedule Regular Carpet Cleaning Services.  Putting off cleaning carpets causes major damage to fibers and the integrity of the carpeting. We can help you come up with a carpet cleaning schedule that meets the needs of your company and helps put your best foot forward with appearances with your customers.

    ServiceMaster DSI is the leader in carpet cleaning services in the Centennial, CO, area, and we’d be happy to speak to you about the specific needs of your company. Contact us today at (720) 452-2842.

    Vacuuming Is Not Enough to Care for your Carpet in Denver, Co

    Do you vacuum your carpets every single day? You might be surprised to hear that according to major carpet manufacturers, you should be vacuuming once a day, especially if you have pets or high traffic areas. Like most Americans, you probably only vacuum your carpets once or twice a week. During this time, pollutants, allergens, and dirt are working their way into your carpet fibers. The only way to make sure your carpet is fully cleaned and sanitized is to hire professional carpet cleaning services.

    Ideally, homes with high traffic and activity should have their carpets cleaned twice a year to keep the carpet looking great and to comply with the manufactures warranty if there are issues with the structure of the carpeting.

    Why Have your Carpeting Professionally Cleaned?

    Carpets that are cleaned more often harbor fewer pollutants, dander, skin cells, and even insects. No matter how heavy duty your vacuum is, it can’t extract every little bit of grime ground deep into the fibers of the carpeting. With our high-grade, industrial strength extraction systems, we can clean and extract allergens and dirt that can be harmful to your family’s health. Microscopic pests and their excrement that are trapped in your carpeting can cause respiratory issues, allergies, and are especially dangerous to children and the elderly.

    Dirt and moisture are common in any home. When this moisture sinks into your carpeting it can make an ideal breeding ground for mold. Regularly scheduled professional carpet cleaning can help prevent mold and mildew growth

     Quality Carpet Cleaning Services with ServiceMaster DSI in Denver, CO

    We provide trained technicians to expertly clean your Denver, CO, carpeting in a fraction of the time it would take to do it yourself, and with better results than a rental machine.  We use only the most advanced equipment with the correct pressure, products, and extraction methods to remove not only soil and stains, but the unseen mites, allergens, and polutants that could be harmful to your health. To schedule your home carpet cleaning contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Carpet Cleaning Done by Professionals Makes a Difference in Your Denver, CO, Home

    If the carpets are looking dirty and dingy in your Denver, CO, home, it may be tempting to rent a carpet cleaning machine and supplies at your local grocery store and just take care of it yourself. The lure of saving money is always there for most homeowners and it seems innocuous enough; just sign on the dotted line, pay your money, fire up the machine, and follow the instructions.

    But are you really saving money? Let’s look at some things to consider before you spend money on do-it-yourself carpet cleaning services.

    Superior equipment. I think we can all agree that the community-shared carpet cleaner is probably not top-of-the-line when it comes to cleaning machines. Our commercial grade equipment is meticulously maintained and our trained technicians know how to evaluate your floorcoverings to make sure they are cleaned the right way. We pre-treat the areas that need it, and we know how to handle ground-in dirt, stains, and even pet urine. Our truck-mounted systems clean deep down into the fiber of the carpeting, releasing grime, dirt, and allergens. Then we extract the mess, leaving your carpets beautifully cleaned and restored.

    Saves you time. Our carpet cleaning technicians can often clean the carpets in your entire home in the time it takes you to sign paperwork, load up the carpet cleaning machine, and figure out the cleaning solutions. What a hassle! You’ll save yourself the frustration and get superior results with ServiceMaster DSI’s carpet cleaning services.

    Done right the first time. Don’t forget to consider drying time; because our water extraction method is far superior to a grocery store machine, your carpets will be dry in as little as a few hours to a business day. Keeping kids and pets off damp carpet for days is a real inconvenience! Because we know the proper amount of detergents and solvents to clean your carpet, you can be sure that there won’t be sticky residue left. Too much detergent can make your carpets dirtier if it’s not extracted correctly. Grease and grime will bond to the cleaning agents, making a wet, sticky mess.  After spending hours lugging dirty water to dump out and all the time it takes to clean your carpets, it can be frustrating and disheartening to see that a few days later your carpets look worse than they did before you cleaned.

    Get your groceries from the grocery store and leave the carpet cleaning to Denver’s experts, ServiceMaster DSI. Contact us at (720) 452-2842 to schedule your residential carpet cleaning for the best results.

    How to Extend the Life of Your Floor Covering with Carpet Cleaning from ServiceMaster DSI in Aurora, CO

    If you’ve bought a home or a business and replaced the carpeting, you’re probably aware that the average life span of carpeting is about 10 years. With the substantial investment you’ve made it only makes sense to stretch it as far as possible! Each home or business will find the time for replacement varies with the amount of foot traffic and other factors such as pets, small children, or smokers in the home. With regularly scheduled carpet cleaning services, your Aurora, CO, home or business can keep the carpet looking newer longer.

    Tips on how to keep that carpet protected and looking great between professional carpet cleanings include:

    • Door Mats or Entry Mats – The simplest and most effective way to keep entry ways, common areas, or high traffic areas clean are mats placed in each area. A good rule of thumb is that a mat should be about three strides long to capture dirt and moisture
    • Vacuuming – One of the most important and overlooked chores is regular vacuuming. Did you know each manufacturer of carpeting has recommended times on how often you should be vacuuming per week? Most of the major brands recommend 2 times per week, but that should be increased if you have small children, pets, or smokers in the home. A human sheds 1 million skin cells per hour. Combine that with soil, dust, and insects. The buildup in your carpeting can be adding up! You sure don’t want to be walking on, laying on, or breathing that in daily! Make sure you’re using a vacuum with up-to-date HEPA filters, and don’t forget to clean the baseboard area
    • Spot Cleaning – Removing spills and spots as quickly as possible helps prevent them from setting into the fibers. It shouldn’t be an alternative to professional carpet cleaning, but a measure to keep the carpet from developing discoloration or even worse, having to replace the entire carpeted area
    • Restorative Deep Carpet Cleaning – Our deep cleaning systems use equipment and solutions that extract residues, soils, and allergens. With our hot water extraction methods, we draw out dirt, oils, and other filth from your carpeting, leaving it restored and refreshed. Depending on the size of your home or building, we can customize a plan for carpeting cleaning that’s right for you

    If your carpets need a little TLC and it’s time for a professional carpet cleaning for your Aurora, CO, home or business, contact us today at (720) 452-2842.

    How Often Should You Have Your Lakewood, CO, Home’s Carpeting Professionally Cleaned?

    After the holidays, you may notice that the carpeting in your Lakewood, CO, home indulged in a little holiday cheer! Spilled drinks, people tracking in snow and road salt, and cookie crumbs can leave your carpeting looking shabby and worn. It’s time for carpet cleaning from ServiceMaster DSI.

    We’re often asked how often carpeting should be cleaned, and there are several factors to take into consideration. The time frames will differ from home to home, but one thing is for certain; the more often you have your carpets professionally cleaned, the longer they will last. Floor coverings are often one of the costliest investments in your home, so the longer they last, the better. To get the very best life out of your carpet, you’ll want to have it cleaned before it’s starting to show signs of wear. Just like you plan for regular oil changes for your car and preventative yearly trips to the doctor, you should plan for regular carpet cleaning services.

    Soil, hair, human skin, and even bacteria and insects might be lurking in your carpet fibers, and vacuuming alone is not enough to remove the grime. Most carpet manufacturers have recommendations for how many times a year they recommend you have your carpet cleaned to keep the warranty intact. However, more frequent carpet cleaning may be needed if you have the following variables underfoot.

    Kids: Kids help make a happy home, but boy can they be messy! Little feet and hands and not-so-little spills and accidents can take a toll on your carpeting. With children in the home, we recommend carpet cleaning twice a year, more often if you have many small children who are on their hands and knees.

    Pets: We love our furry friends, but the shedding and muddy paws can wreak havoc on carpeting. If your pet is aging and has bladder or urine issues, that can add another layer of unwanted soil. A good plan of attack is to schedule carpet cleaning every 4-6 months if you have pets.

    Smoking. If you smoke indoors, the chemicals and tars from the cigars or cigarettes can attach themselves to the carpet fibers. This gooey concoction of chemicals invites dirt to burrow in and for odors to attach themselves. For smokers, the recommended cleaning schedule is every 6 months.

    Not sure how often you need your Lakewood, CO, carpets cleaned?  Call one of our friendly staff and we can talk about the layout of your home and the specifics of your foot-traffic. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.