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    Managing and Protecting a Building With Emergency Board Up Services in Aurora, CO

    There are times in life when things can go wrong in your home or business, from water damage to structural fires and everything in between. Fixing these problems often requires taking some extra precautions. Contacting the professionals at ServiceMaster DSI is the best choice you can make for comprehensive building restorations. We provide all the necessary steps to keep you safe along the way, including emergency board up services in Aurora, CO.

    Board up services are vital to protecting your building while a restoration is underway. Our experienced technicians seal broken windows and doors, cover holes and gaps, and take any other necessary means to protect your building from the following potential dangers:


    Rain: Dry spells are not a guarantee during the time it takes to fully restore a building. Our board up services keep rainwater out of your home or business, preventing water damage, allowing your home to fully dry out, and protecting your belongings from moisture that could lead to mold growth.

    Wind: Strong winds can blow into building openings and damage the interior if it’s not adequately sealed. Even mild winds can leave some damage, and storm winds can be severely detrimental to the recovery of an already-damaged building.

    Temperatures and humidity: Our board up services also protect buildings under restoration from the dangers of unsuitable climates. High humidity and heat in the summer can leave your interior soggy and create a prime environment for mold growth. Without comprehensive board up services, freezing temperatures in the winter can damage plumbing and snow and ice can damage electrical systems.


    Vandalism: When buildings are open to the public, there is always the opportunity for vandals to play. Graffiti, arson, and general destruction left in the wake of a vandal can set back a recovery by weeks.

    Theft: Open homes and businesses are tempting to burglars and looters. Even after your belongings and furniture are safely packed and transported to a secure location, there are appliances and more that can be vulnerable to theft in an unsealed building.

    Other trespassers: Unless it’s properly boarded up, squatters and other types of trespassers can also have access to your home or business during the restoration process.

    Our restoration technicians and crews start each recovery project with the necessary precautions to protect your building and belongings against outside threats. For more information about our emergency board up services in Aurora, CO, contact ServiceMaster DSI at 303.288.2900.