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    Challenges Faced After Fire Damage in Your Denver, CO Home

    home fire

    Fire can cause significant personal injury and loss of property, and the trauma from a fire can last a long time in your memory. ServiceMaster DSI in Denver, CO understands how difficult it can be in the aftermath of a fire and can help you with professional fire damage restoration while you tend to the emotional needs of everyone affected by the fire.

    When we arrive at your home, we will immediately assess the damage and begin a targeted plan for cleanup. Here are some of the challenges we may be looking at and how it will help us design a fire damage restoration plan that will bring your home back to pre-loss condition.

    Identifying the Nature of the Fire

    Professional fire damage restoration teams first need to ascertain what type of fire happened before remediation efforts are started. High oxygen fires that burn big and bright will produce a dry smoke residue, while low oxygen fires that smolder for hours create a much more difficult residue to clean. If water was used in the efforts to fight the fire, this would mean high humidity levels in the home from the saturation into the structure and contents of the home. Our experienced fire damage restoration professionals will be able to understand the issues each type of fire creates and take the right steps to restore your home.

    Performing the Right Smoke Damage Restoration

    Cleanup after a fire must be done quickly to ensure the best remediation result possible. If smoke is left to linger, odors will remain which creates many unpleasant memories.   We will do the following:

    • Pack Out Smoke Damaged Items: Smoke damaged items in your home can be taken off-site to be cleaned and deodorized. This will help mitigate some of the smoke damage in the home and allows the technicians to tend to structural issues.
    • Cleaning and Deodorizing: We use a variety of methods to clean and deodorize your home, including ozone treatments, thermal foggers, and high capacity fans.
    • Sealing Surfaces: After the cleaning is finished, surfaces such as wood structures are sealed to prevent any remaining smoke smell from leaching out.

    Our fire damage restoration technicians in Denver, CO have the right training and the right equipment to help you after your family has been through the trauma of a fire. Let us help you recover your home while you get through this challenging time. We’re available 24/7/365 for your call at (720) 452-2842.

    Extension Cords Can Cause Fire Damage in Homes in Westminster, CO

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    The number of electrical appliances we use has increased significantly in the last two decades. It’s crazy now to think about the fact that home computers and cell phones were not a part of most people’s lives back then! As we add more and more gadgets and appliances, it’s not uncommon to run out of outlets, especially in older homes that don’t have as many outlets as newer homes. Outlet extenders and extension cords are a convenient solution, but they can cause fire damage in Westminster, CO.

    When it comes to using outlet extenders and extension cords safely to prevent fire damage restoration, here are some ‘Don’ts’ to keep in mind:

    1. Don’t connect a series of extension cords together. Extension cords are rated to handle specific voltage and wattage. Combining older and newer and differently rated cords is a recipe for disaster. Instead, purchase a new cord that has the Underwriters Seal on it and is the appropriate length.
    2. Don’t use extension cords when you don’t need to. It’s always safer to plug a device or appliance directly into an outlet.
    3. Don’t use cords that are broken or frayed. Check them often to make sure there’s no wear and tear, especially if you have animals in the home that may gnaw on them.
    4. Don’t run cords under carpeting or throw rugs. Friction between the cord and the carpet fabric can cause fraying which can result in a short circuit.
    5. Don’t nail extension cords up and around door frames. Nails could accidently puncture the insulation, contact the wiring, and cause a short circuit.
    6. Don’t plug extension cords into surge protectors. They can overheat and cause the insulation to melt and the wires to become exposed.

    The good news is that many new appliances, phones, and other household items such as printers now offer Bluetooth technology which can reduce the number of cords in your home. The more you stay on top of cord failures and short circuit issues, the less likely you are to have to deal with fire damage in your Westminster, CO home.

    If your home does suffer fire damage due to an electrical fire, we can be on the scene quickly to help. For experienced fire damage restoration services including smoke and soot damage, contact us immediately at (720) 452-2842.

    Alternative Heat Sources Can Cause Fire Damage in Homes and Businesses in Centennial, CO

    fire damageDuring the winter months, when temperatures are low in Centennial, CO, home and business owners often look to alternative sources of heat for areas that are a bit chilly. These alternative forms of heat, however, are the leading causes of fire damage during the months of December, January, and February.

    If you use space heaters in your home or business, follow these safety tips to prevent fire damage.

    Fire Damage Safety Tips

    • Make sure the unit has an automatic shutoff or tip-over safety switch feature to prevent it from igniting carpeting or other items if it tips over
    • Never use an extension cord with a space heater. The power draw is too much for low-amp cords and could cause a fire
    • Space heaters should never be used in bathrooms or kitchens
    • Don’t run cords from space heaters under rugs where they could fray unnoticed
    • Never plug space heaters into a power strip; plug them directly into a wall socket
    • Keep all items at least two feet away from a space heater while it’s in use
    • Keep children and pets away
    • Don’t leave the heater on overnight or when you leave the home or building
    • If the cord becomes frayed or damaged, do not use the space heater
    • Ensure a working smoke detector is in every room where a space heater is used

    No matter how big or small the fire is in a building, fire damage is going to happen. Smoke damage, soot damage, and odors are difficult to remove and can be damaging to your health if you attempt to remediate it yourself. Don’t conduct fire damage restoration on your own. Contact ServiceMaster DSI in Centennial, CO. Our trained technicians can be on site quickly to remediate the damage and restore your property.

    Fire damage can happen anytime, so we’re available to help 24/7/365. Contact us at (720) 452-2842 immediately if your home or business suffers fire damage.

    Treating Extensive Fire Damage to Homes in Boulder, CO

    board up

    Fire. It’s scary, lethal, and causes incredible damage to homes and businesses. From the time we are young, we’re taught the dangers of fire and what to avoid. As adults in our homes, we install smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. At our businesses, we invest in sprinkler systems and have escape routes planned for employees. Even with all this knowledge and preparedness, fires still ravage homes and businesses in Boulder, CO, and comprehensive fire damage restoration is needed as a result.

    When called to a building fire, the firefighters responding to the scene are trained to do everything in their power to save the building and douse the flames. One of the techniques they use is creating ventilation holes. This is a tactic used to draft smoke out of the building and create clear exits for smoke and heat so the firefighters can enter the building safely.

    These ventilation holes will serve not only to let the firefighters into the building but also help as an escape hatch. In multi-story buildings, these ventilation holes will move the smoke vertically out of the building. These holes allow more precise access to stop the fire. However, once the fire is out, it allows entry for pests, vandals, and the elements.

    ServiceMaster DSI has trained technicians to be on the scene quickly to provide board up services for ventilation holes as well as servicing the Boulder, CO, area with complete fire damage restoration services. Water damage is also present after a fire, and we can assist with water removal and drying. If any items need to be removed from the home for cleaning we provide pack out services as well.

    Our goal is to bring your home back to pre-loss condition as soon as possible after fire damage. If you’re struggling with the after-effects of fire, contact us in Boulder, CO, for fire damage restoration at (720) 452-2842.

    Carpet Cleaning after Smoke and Fire Damage in Aurora, CO

    carpet cleaning after fireAfter smoke and fire damage has been remediated from your home or business in Aurora, CO, there’s one more step to make sure you won’t have ongoing unpleasant memories lurking; carpet cleaning services. Even if your carpeted areas were nowhere near the area affected by smoke and fire damage, if you don’t have your carpets professionally cleaned, you may find that weeks or months down the line you’ll walk into the room and smell the lingering, sickening smell of smoke.

    The reason for this is that smoke particulates are tiny. Many millions of the particulates from smoke and soot can fit on the head of a pin. Because of their small size, during a fire, they can move quickly through walls and ventilation systems and settle onto and deeply into carpeting and fabrics. Because of the chemical nature of smoke and soot, it can carry small molecules that are oily or greasy, and those tiny particulates can cling to fibers quite easily. It doesn’t take long for even a small fire to affect carpeting throughout an entire complex.

    ServiceMaster DSI provides professional carpet cleaning services for Aurora, CO as part of our fire damage restoration services. Let us help you restore and preserve the floor covering in your home or office to remove the smells of the smoke and the unpleasant memories associated with them.

    We will:

    • Spot treat any problem areas
    • Deep clean the fibers with commercial grade cleaning solutions
    • Safely extract the dirt and associated odors

    Floorcovering can be a major replacement cost after a fire. Before you decide to replace all your carpeting, give us a call for a no-obligation assessment. Our technicians are all highly-trained in the most advanced carpet cleaning and odor removal techniques and will work hard to restore your carpeting.

    We’re available to help you with your carpet cleaning and odor removal needs in Aurora, CO. If your home or business has experienced fire damage, please contact us immediately at (720) 452-8242.




    Cleaning Up Fire Damage After Destructive Home Fires in Denver, CO

     emergency fire cleanup

    House fires are destructive forces that can utterly decimate a family home and its memories. When the flames are doused, and the firefighters leave the scene, the fire damage cleanup needs to begin quickly to help restore the home. Fire doesn’t have to be large to cause wide-spread damage to the house. Left unabated, soot and smoke can cause lingering damage and odors to the contents of the home and even the household appliances, ductwork, and structure of the home. ServiceMaster DSI has helped many Denver, CO, homeowners recover from house fires with our professional fire damage restoration services.

    It’s important to know that making the call as soon as possible helps minimize the ongoing damage to your home after a fire. We’re available 24/7/365 because fires don’t always happen during business hours. When we arrive on the scene, we’ll do a thorough inspection and assess the damages. We’ll work with local authorities and help form a plan for restoration and getting your Denver, CO, home back to pre-loss condition.

    Fire damage is more than just clearing the smoke. ServiceMaster DSI can provide the following:

    • Emergency response, cleaning, and sanitizing
    • Temporary board ups, roof tarping, structural security, gating, and generators
    • HVAC duct cleaning and deodorizing
    • Drying and humidity control
    • Deodorization and drying
    • Power washing
    • Detailed inventorying
    • Pack-out services
    • Moving and storage

    Fire damage can be devastating for your family, your finances, and your emotional state. At ServiceMaster DSI we can help take the stress out of restoration with our proven, professional fire damage restoration services.

    Time is of the essence. If you have experienced a house fire in Denver, CO, we should be the second call after the fire department. Our trained and sympathetic staff will lead you through this challenging time. Contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    Electronic Distribution Overload Can Cause Fire Damage in Boulder, CO, Homes

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    Today’s world is more plugged in than ever. With most households using electronic items heavily every day such as smartphones, laptops, gaming systems, and tablets, our homes are seeing an upsurge in the usage of electricity. This can especially be risky with older homes in Boulder, CO, which may not have the most up-to-date wiring to handle this increased need.

    The Electronic Safety Foundation International (ESFI) lists electrical distribution issues as the 3rd leading cause of house fires. These fires most commonly come from the strain on the system from bedrooms, attics, and kitchens.

    How to Look for Warning Signs for Electrical Distribution Issues in your Home

    • Circuit breakers “trip” or fuses “blow” often, especially when using appliances
    • Wall outlets are discolored or feel warm to the touch
    • Lights flicker or dim randomly
    • Buzzing or crackling noises from lights
    • Sparks are emitted from an outlet when you plug or unplug things
    • Electrical cords are warm or hot to the touch
    • A tingling feeling when you touch an appliance

    Electrical fires can cause smoke or flames, and both can require fire damage restoration. Even without flames, smoke can cause significant damage to a home. Because the smoke particles are so microscopic, they can easily weave their way into fibers like carpeting, drapes, and upholstery. They also settle into heating vents, drywall and even beneath floorboards. Not only is the smell annoying, but it can also be an emotional trigger for people who have gone through a house fire.

    What can you do to help prevent overloaded electrical distribution for your home in Denver, CO?

    • Appliances that are high-drain and heat-producing such as space heaters, hair dryers, toaster ovens, or microwaves should have their own outlet instead of using an outlet splitter
    • Extension cords should only be for temporary use, and never run them under carpeting or rugs
    • Make sure the bulbs you’re using are the correct wattage for the fixture
    • Don’t leave laptops or cell phones in your bed while you sleep

    If you have concerns about the electrical system in your home, have your home inspected by a certified electrician. Fire damage can be caused by even a small fire. ServiceMaster DSI is on call 24/7/365 for fire damage restoration services in Boulder, CO. If your home suffers fire damage, contact us immediately at (720) 452-2842.

    4 Fire Safety Tips to Prevent Fire Damage Restoration for Self-Employed Workers in Aurora, CO


    An increasing number of companies are now seeing the advantage of hiring remote workers for customer service jobs and freelance and professional consultation services. This has proven to be profitable for them and an advantage to a growing workforce who prefers to work from home rather than battling a daily commute in Aurora, CO.

    Maintaining an office in your residence can present other challenges, one of which is fire safety. When your home goes up in flames, it’s certainly devastating, but if the losses include your business or sensitive business matters for another company or person, then the damage can be significantly compounded.

    Fire Safety Recommendations:

    1. Don’t Smoke in Your Office. Treat your home office just as you would expect in a professional building; smoke-free. A forgotten cigarette can result in a fire in your home office which can require fire damage restoration
    2. Secure Electronic Equipment. Keep cords tidy and free of obstructions. If you allow children or pets into your home office, the cords will be less of a temptation to chew or play with. Use sufficient power sources including surge protectors, and keep computers away from open windows
    3. Clean Up Paper Goods. Piles of paper, takeout containers, and other refuse can provide just the right tinder should a spark ignite. Make it a practice to clean off your desk every day before you’re done. Not only has it been proven that a clean desk improves productivity, but it also reduces the likelihood of a fire spreading as quickly
    4. Install Smoke Alarms. Just like any other room in your house, your home office should have working smoke alarms. Replace the battery twice yearly and test the alarms monthly to be sure they’re in working order

    Fires don’t have to be large to be devastating, and fire damage restoration can put a dent in your productivity, not to mention your income. Be sure to protect your home and office from fire damage.

    ServiceMaster DSI provides fire damage restoration services for Aurora, CO, and the surrounding area. For more information, contact us at (720) 452-2842 today.

    Superior Service for Fire Damage Restoration in Lakewood, CO

    When you become a homeowner, you’ll probably only think of the ramifications of a fire or flood when you’re filling out insurance applications. Putting safeguards in place in case of a fire disaster is important, but we all hope we never have to use them. If you and your family find yourselves the victims of fire or water damage in Lakewood, CO, it’s important that you begin the restoration process as soon as possible by calling the experts at ServiceMaster DSI.

    Benefits of Professional Fire Damage Restoration by ServiceMaster

    1. Specialized Equipment for Fire Damaged Homes. Most homeowners don’t have the right equipment, nor do they have the know-how to properly restore a home from fire damage. We attack the fire damage quickly with state-of-the-art dryers, dehumidifiers, and pack-out services to get you back in your home as soon as possible. Attempting a do-it-yourself fire damage restoration can actually worsen the situation, and it can end up costing much more than you may realize.

    1. Timely Service. Consistency, reliability, and high standards of service are what we specialize in. When you contact ServiceMaster DSI, we arrive on the scene quickly. Our 24/7 rapid response means that less damage can be done after the flames are out and the all clear has been given to enter the building by the fire marshal. We will begin our cleaning, sanitizing, deodorizing, and water removal services for your home. If items need to be removed from your home for further restoration or storage purposes, we provide pack-out services for you so you can rest assured your items are safe. Finally, we make sure that during construction, your home is protected from the elements and vandals with our board up services or fencing around the property.
    1. Experience. Our branch of ServiceMaster in Lakewood, CO is backed by the ServiceMaster Recovery Management and ServiceMaster Restore brands, both are part of the larger ServiceMaster network. We have the connections, skill, and superior technicians in the area to restore your home to pre-loss condition faster than other fire damage restoration services. You can feel good about hiring the experts in Lakewood, CO.

    For more information about fire damage restoration services such as smoke damage, soot damage, or water damage from a fire, contact us at (720) 452-2842.

    4 Grill Safety Tips to Help You Avoid Fire Damage Restoration in Westminster, CO

    DSI_Denver_4As the warm weather finally rolls into Westminster, CO, people are getting out of the kitchen and firing up their grills! While grilling is indeed a great American pastime, the National Fire Incident Reporting System reports that grill fires on residential properties result in 37 million dollars in property loss each year.  Even the most delicious burger isn’t worth the need to have extensive fire damage restoration performed, so here are four important tips to help you practice safe grilling:

    1. Handle Propane Safely:  Propane is a highly flammable, volatile gas in a pressurized tank. Do not store propane tanks in garages or outdoor sheds where high temperatures could cause the tanks to leak, possibly explode, and cause a fire.
    2. The 3 Foot Rule: Maintain a three-foot distance from homes, garages, fences, sheds, or trees when grilling. The heat or spark from the grill could inadvertently start a fire.
    3. Maintain your Grill: When you dust-off the grill for the summer, check and replace any broken or brittle fuel hoses, and ensure no insects or critters are making a home in the grill. Sand or repair rusted areas, and keep the grill clean to avoid grease fires and flare-ups.
    4. Don’t Leave the Grill Unattended: Never allow a grill to be unattended, even during slow cooking scenarios. Also, keep pets and small children well away from the grill so tender fingers and noses don’t get burned!

    Even a small grill fire can create the need for extensive fire damage restoration. If a grill fire affects your Westminster, CO home, contact us immediately at (720) 452-2842, anytime, day or night, for help.  Don’t let time pass, as fire damage can continue to occur long after the flames have been extinguished! We offer professional fire damage restoration in Westminster, CO and the surrounding areas.