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    Heavy Flood Damage and Solutions with ServiceMaster Recovery Management in Lakewood, CO

    Located on some of the largest flood plains in Colorado, Jefferson County is no stranger to substantial rain and the resulting floods. Despite experience with past floods, large scale water damage is often unavoidable. For disastrous situations like these, you can rely on ServiceMaster DSI’s expert emergency restoration teams and our ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM) in Lakewood, CO.

    Serious floods are often triggered by changes in weather patterns moving from the west coast over the Rocky Mountains. The moisture gathers in these systems and holds until the shock of cold air above the Rockies drops the heavy precipitation over large areas in Colorado and adjacent states. Because Jefferson is among those counties located at the base of the Rockies, it receives rain dropped on the mountains as well as directly over the county boundaries.

    Floods of 2013:

    One of the most devastating natural floods in recent history occurred in 2013. The floods began with rains from warm, humid air from the south colliding with a cold front hovering over Colorado. The heavy rains collected and led to flooding along  the Front Range and spreading north across over 14 counties, including Jefferson, Denver, and Boulder.

    The flooding affected central Colorado from September 9th, 2013 to early 2014. Boulder County was struck the hardest, sustaining almost a full year’s worth of rain in a matter of days. However, surrounding counties still experienced considerable damage. In Coal Creek Canyon, flooding led to multiple road closures, and Evergreen enforced a Level 1 evacuation after Bear Creek reached 9 ft.

    Flood Damage:

     Without comprehensive professional restoration, floods like that of 2013 can lead to severe large scale water damage in residential, commercial, and municipal buildings. Initial structural damage is just the tip of the iceberg where water damage is concerned. Long term damage can also pose severe problems, including mold infestations, swollen and rotting wood, corrosion, paint and plaster discoloration, permanently damaged upholstery, and much more.

    Our expert ServiceMaster Recovery Management in Lakewood, CO can help when it comes to large scale water damage from natural flooding or other sources. Contact us at ServiceMaster DSI for emergency restoration, or call 303.578.4216 for a service request today.