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    Crime Scene Cleanup Services in Lakewood, CO; ServiceMaster DSI Can Help

    crime scene cleanup

    In an age where everyone has grown up with police and crime shows on television, you may assume that if the unthinkable happened to you and you were involved in a scenario that required crime scene cleanup, the police would take care of it. This is not the case. At a trauma scene, the job of the police or other city or state authorities is to secure the scene and provide for the safety of the people in the immediate area until it is safe. Once that’s done the cleanup of the crime scene is left to the family of the deceased. We don’t have to tell you how unthinkable that can be. That’s why ServiceMaster DSI of Lakewood, CO, provides professional trauma cleanup services for crime scenes.

    Biohazard and Trauma Cleanup

    After the authorities leave the scene, we get to work. Trauma cleanup is a dangerous job and should never be a DIY project. There’s often blood and other matter left behind, biohazards and pathogens are likely to present, and other materials that can threaten your health and life. Our technicians have invested hours in learning the proper cleanup and removal of biohazards and are trained to do so with compassion. We follow all the best standards of care in removal and disposal and comply with all state and local ordinances.

    The Psychological Component of Care

    At a time when you’ll be at your most vulnerable, it’s comforting to know there’s someone who can be on the scene quickly to assist you and your family. Our ServiceMaster DSI trauma cleanup specialists are available 24/7/365 in Lakewood, CO. We come prepared for anything with the proper safety suits and equipment plus the commitment to help you through this difficult time so you can grieve with your loved ones.

    In addition to trauma cleanup, ServiceMaster of Lakewood, CO, offers a wide range of disaster cleanup services such as water and flood damage cleanup, odor removal, mold remediation, and fire and smoke damage cleanup. Don’t deal with trauma yourself – immediately call the experts at (720) 452-2842.

    Trust ServiceMaster DSI When Unexpected Trauma Cleanup is Needed in Centennial, CO


    Disturbing trauma sites can devastate people, and in fact, cause them ongoing trauma throughout their lives. When you’re not trained to deal with trauma scenes such as a natural death, suicide, unattended death, or a serious car accident you run the risk of carrying these scenes in your head, causing great mental distress. Physically, the risk of hurting yourself is also very high at a trauma scene. You may injure yourself or carry away biohazards and other pathogens from the scene that can affect you or others later.

    When someone dies, the police or emergency workers at the scene are on hand to make sure everything is safe and that no crimes have been reported. However, removal or cleanup of the trauma scene isn’t their responsibility. It can be emotionally devastating to find out that at the time of your deepest grief, it’s your responsibility to make sure the body is removed and that the cleanup of the area is taken care of. Amid the various emotions you may be having, making arrangements for a burial, and contacting friends and family, the last thing you want to be doing is the cleanup. This is where ServiceMaster DSI of Centennial, CO can help.

    We can arriveromptly to trauma scenes fully equipped to restore the area to its pre-loss condition. Our trained professional crew will work carefully to remove any matter or bodily fluids that need to be attended to. At the scene of trauma, there’s often blood, urine, body matter, brain matter, and other bodily fluids present that are considered biohazards and must be handled with great care. Our crew can not only remove and sanitize the area, but we’ll dispose all biohazardous waste in accordance with the city and state laws.

    Privacy and discrepancy are always at the forefront of our crew’s mind when helping remediate a trauma cleanup scene. You can trust that our ServiceMaster crew will arrive with the right training, the right equipment, and a sincere desire to help you with your trauma cleanup.

    If you have experienced a great loss and are in need of quick, compassionate, and professional trauma cleanup services in Centennial, CO, please contact us at (720) 452-2842. We’re available 24/7/365 and can be on the scene quickly to help.

    Trauma Cleanup Services in Boulder, CO


    At a time when you’re enduring a trauma in your life, it can be emotionally devastating. Cleaning up the scene is not the responsibility of the police, and attempting to do it yourself can be dangerous and heartbreaking. In Boulder, CO, our trained and compassionate crews can be on site quickly for any type of trauma cleanup.

    Unattended Deaths
    At the scene of an unattended death, the body can be in many stages of decomposition.  This process happens very quickly, so surrounding areas near the body may be affected. Because the body releases pathogens and bacteria, this can quickly turn into a biohazard scene in which careful practices must be followed. Our ServiceMaster trauma cleanup specialists are trained to deal with disposal and cleanup, and we carefully follow all state and local ordinances.

    Crime scene

    Violent crimes, suicides, or accidents require specialized training to remediate properly if the home is to be inhabitable again. Crime scenes usually contain blood, bodily fluids, and other body matter, as well as the investigative methods used to catalog them. This isn’t an easy scene to take in as a loved one—it can be a rather unsettling final memory. However, hiring a professional trauma cleanup service will save you undo grief during this difficult time.

    Vehicular accidents

    After an accident in a car, blood and bodily fluids may be present, leaving behind dangerous blood borne pathogens and bacteria. We can make sure that your car is cleaned properly, including the upholstery and floors so that the vehicle is safe to drive again.  

    Hoarding cleanup

    In a hoarding situation, empathy and skilled cleaners are key. Our trained staff can clean, sanitize, and rebuild areas of a home that has suffered from hoarding. There are many stages of hoarding; however, our crew has the training and resources to restore any home to pre-loss condition from hoarding.

    If you need any trauma cleanup services in Boulder, CO, ServiceMaster is here to help you through this difficult time. We have the experience and the right people to help. Contact us anytime, day or night for help with trauma cleanup at (720) 452-2842.

    Trauma Cleanup for Greater Denver and Westminster, CO

    ServiceMaster DSI offers trauma, biohazard, and crime scene cleanup for private homeowners, businesses, and property managers in Westminster, CO, as well as for use in commercially zoned business. A biohazard is any sort of disaster that deals with living organisms, most typically from humans. These hazards can be extremely toxic and require specialized trauma cleaning that shouldn’t be attempted by untrained individuals.

    There are currently four levels of biohazards, ranked by how dangerous they are:

    • Level 1: Non-infectious bacteria, viruses, and minor bacteria that can cause sicknesses such as strep throat, pinkeye, and chicken pox
    • Level 2: Mild bacteria and viruses that are more difficult to contract through human interactions, such as Lyme disease, mumps, and measles
    • Level 3:  Potentially fatal, but thanks to the advances of modern medicine, we have vaccines to prevent. Examples include West Nile, SARS, and Polio
    • Level 4: Left untreated, these are the bacteria and viruses that can cause death, such as Ebola and Marburg

    Being exposed to any of these at any level can be dangerous to humans. Most often, these pathogens are transmitted by human blood, bodily fluids, and tissue. They can often be present at crime scenes or natural or man-made disasters. Some of the biohazard clean up that we offer in Westminster, CO, includes:

    • Death in a home; natural cause, violent crime, or suicide
    • Drug crime scenes including methamphetamine labs
    • Sewage back up, spills, or main sewer pipe breaks or contamination.

    Every case is different and will require a specific trauma clean up protocol to clean and make the home or business safe to inhabit. After the proper authorities are called to secure the scene, your next call should be to ServiceMaster DSI. Our trained technicians have up-to-date training on how to safely capture and remove dangerous biohazards properly and in accordance to all current state and local codes. Please contact us at (720) 452-2842 for professional trauma clean up.


    When Life Gets Messy ServiceMaster Trauma Cleanup is here for you in Denver, CO

    Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes it’s messy. With ServiceMaster DSI, it doesn’t have to be both. Allow us to clean up the mess with our trauma cleanup services in Denver, CO.

    You’ve probably seen it in the movies: people step into baggy white suits and pull on yellow boots and yellow gloves, then they cinch a hood around their mask. It might look ridiculous, but this isn’t just something out of the movies. These hazmat suits are real, and the people in them deal with the traumas left behind long after those involved have left the scene.

    Our trained specialists are here to safely clean up any damage caused by an accident or tragedy, while following all legal regulations. If you’re lucky, you‘ve only heard about these types of accidents and disasters while watching TV. Chances are, however, you’re reading this because you work with traumatic situations or recently experienced one for the first time. Whatever it may be, please know that we are with you.

    It’s not up to you to clean up the space once all initial investigations have been completed. Whether its biohazardous material such as bodily fluid from a crime scene or chemicals from a lab, ServiceMaster DSI is trained and certified in trauma clean up to handle the situation professionally from start to finish. We respond quickly to remove hazards while remaining sensitive to the situation and those involved.

    From initial containment to decontamination and odor removal to restoration, ServiceMaster DSI has emergency cleanup crews available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. We can’t always predict when trauma may occur, and that’s why we’re always ready and available to respond. Give us a call for trauma clean up services today in and around Denver, CO.