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    Compulsive Hoarding and When Hoarder Cleanup Services in Centennial, CO Can Help

    Compulsive hoarding—also known as syllogomania or disposophobia—is a very real condition affecting many people across the world. While the roots of hoarding should be addressed by a psychiatrist or therapist, the effects on a home should also be

    dealt with by a specialist, both for health and safety reasons. At ServiceMaster DSI, we offer professional services for hoarder cleanup in Centennial, CO to restore homes after the symptoms of compulsive hoarding have affected the interior space.

    Understanding why hoarding can be so detrimental to a home requires a basic understanding of the psychology behind it. For example, compulsive hoarding is not the same thing as collecting. In fact, hoarding is a mental illness and it can affect a home in negative ways, compromising cleanliness, health, and even the structural integrity of a building.

    Compulsive hoarders feel strong anxiety when they throw away items that they believe they may need to use in the future. This seems logical, but it can become extreme, and most of the items hoarded are of little-to-no value. Newspapers, cleaning supplies, plastic bags, old clothing, books, food, and animals are common hoarded items.

    Why Hoarding?

    The psychological reasoning for compulsive hoarding can be linked to several other disorders, including clinical depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Prader-Willi syndrome, eating disorders, pica (eating non-food materials), psychosis, and dementia.

    Because hoarding is most often related to another disorder, the reason for the emotional and psychological distress behind hoarding should be sought out to fix the problem before it severely compromises the affected person’s quality of life, relationships, and mental stability.

    Damage From Hoarding:

    Over time, compulsive hoarding can have a negative effect on the home,on the person afflicted, and on others in that person’s life.

    Large quantities of seemingly innocuous materials can become breeding grounds for bacteria, mold, and gross filth. This means that compulsive hoarding can render a home uninhabitable.

     Animal hoarding can also accumulate toxic waste. At the very least, animal waste can damage surface finishes, upholstery, carpets, hardwood floors, and even electrical systems.

    Without professional cleanup and restoration assistance, compulsive hoarding can permanently damage a building.

    If you know someone who is dealing with hoarding damage in their home, call 303.578.4216 ServiceMaster DSI to learn more about hoarder cleanup in Centennial, CO.

    ServiceMaster DSI Provides Expert Fire Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

    When a fire hits a home or business it can take a big toll on individuals. The disruption to work and family life can be stressful. There are insurance companies to deal with and finding temporary shelter is a main priority. That’s why the team of trained professionals at ServiceMaster DSI provide the best in fire damage restoration for residents in Denver, CO and the surrounding area.

    Dealing with the after effects of a fire requires the removal of furniture, carpeting and floor coverings, and any materials damaged by fire, smoke, soot and water. Any property that can be salvaged will be. Carpet will be restored and cleaned then returned to the home.

    The first phase of the process of repairing fire damaged property will occur as soon as it is safe to do so. Inspectors will assess the damage to determine what can be salvaged and what must be replaced. Drying equipment and dehumidifiers will also be brought in. The next phase will be the cleaning and deodorizing of the carpets as well as reinstallation. New carpet padding will also be installed. Damaged upholstery must also be cleaned. The third phase consists of structural repairs to walls, floors and ceilings.

    After the blaze has been extinguished a lot of water remains in the structure which must be removed. The affected areas need to be thoroughly dried. Any moisture that is left in floors, ceilings and walls can contribute to a mold problem. Mold can grow and spread throughout the building causing respiratory issues for the occupants.

    In the event of a fire, ServiceMaster DSI is there for the people of Denver, CO. With a dedicated a team that is committed to providing the highest caliber of fire damage restoration, we can get any business back up and running at their previous levels of production. We will get you and your family safely back in your home where you belong.

    ServiceMaster DSI Provides Water Damage Restoration Solutions to Denver, CO

    If the weather so far this winter is any indication of how the rest of the season will progress, we’re in for several more months of unpredictable patterns brought on by El Niño. Unseasonably warm temperatures coupled with plenty of precipitation may very well result in the flooding of homes and business in the Denver, CO area. When a natural and unavoidable disaster such as this occurs, ServiceMaster DSI is here to provide water damage restoration services to those in need.

    El Niño is brought about when the temperature of the Pacific Ocean’s surface is raised to above normal levels. This occurs about every two to five years and directly affects the North American continent, with the Denver area expected to feel the effects warm moisture pushing across from the Pacific Ocean during the winter months. This has resulted in above average snowfall, but when temperatures reach above freezing, excess rainfall and rapid snowmelt could also result.

    Of course, it’s not possible to forecast exactly what will happen. However, in the event of natural flooding, or flooding caused by burst pipes in homes or business, a water damage restoration service gets the water removed from structures quickly. With 24/7 response times to these emergency situations, the team at ServiceMaster DSI ensures that the impact to businesses and family life is kept to a minimum.

    Restoration services include inspection of furniture and carpeting to determine if it can be salvaged. Cleaning and reinstallation of these items is performed and repairs to floors, baseboards, and walls are undertaken. Affected areas are thoroughly dried to prevent mold from forming.

    ServiceMaster DSI works quickly and professionally to limit the impact that severe weather has on our lives. We get families back safely into their homes and we get businesses back up and running with water damage restoration services throughout the area of Denver, CO. We are a dedicated team of experienced professionals who have earned the trust of the community by helping them in times of need.