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    Preventing Fires in Your Centennial, CO, Home

    Fire is often described as a “force of nature,” likely because once it starts it’s very hard to control. Even small scale fires can cost thousands of dollars in fire restoration. ServiceMaster DSI is the leading fire damage restoration specialist in Centennial, CO, and every day we help people begin to restore their homes and their lives after fire damage. Here are some ways that you can work to prevent fires in your home.

    Teach respect for fire. Fire should never be left unattended in a home and children should never be allowed to play with candles or gas stoves. Teaching fire safety at home will raise children who are aware of the dangers of fire.

    Store flammables properly. Never store any fuel, chemicals, or flammable liquids in the home; instead, store them in an outdoor shed or garage. Remember that even something as innocuous as paint thinner is highly flammable and can act as an accelerant if there is a fire in your home.

    Have smoke alarms and fire extinguishers. Fire damage restoration needed on homes that do not have working smoke alarms and fire extinguishers can cost as much as double, says the National Fire and Safety Association.  Make sure that you have the correct number of smoke alarms needed for your home and have your extinguishers checked yearly.

    Practice kitchen safety. Never leave the kitchen when cooking. Beware of items close to the stove that can catch fire such as dishtowels and oven mitts, and turn in handles on the stove to prevent pans from being knocked down. Clean vents and grills frequently to allow proper ventilation.

    Check electrical cords. Cords that get moved frequently can fray and show signs of wear. Don’t use multiple connections or extensions from ungrounded cords to connect to one outlet, as that can overload your system. Make sure that cords are plugged into one outlet or use an approved power strip.

    ServiceMaster DSI hopes that these tips will help you avoid fire damage restoration in your home in Centennial, CO. If you do need help with fire damage restoration or know someone who does, please contact us at (720) 452-2842.

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