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    Disaster Restoration

    Disaster can strike any time, and whether the cause is natural, criminal, or otherwise, the damage inflicted can be devastating. Timely recovery from severe damage in your home or business can be nearly impossible without the help of a professional. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide a 24-hour emergency response hotline for disaster restoration in Denver, CO.

    Immediate response to a disaster location is often the only way to mitigate your losses and salvage your belongings. Our responders jump into action as soon as we get your call, sending specialized teams to begin restoration treatment.

    We also understand that disasters can come from many different sources. Our technicians are expertly trained to ensure quality action in any situation. We offer restoration services for situations requiring:

    • Fire Damage Restoration, including smoke and soot removal, damage assessment, and ventilation cleaning. Even small fires can leave significant damage that should never be left unaddressed.
    • Water Damage Restoration, including water removal, dehumidification, damage repair, and preventative action. Without water mitigation, lingering moisture could lead to more problems with mold and rot.
    • Mold Remediation, including mold removal, dehumidification, damage repair, and preventative action. Our technicians are IICRC trained and certified to restore your building air quality to normal.
    • Construction Services, including reconstruction for storm, fire, water, and mold damage for commercial and residential buildings.
    • Other Services, including biohazard cleanup, crime scene cleanup, hoarder cleanup, and more.

    Without proper and prompt action after a disaster hits, the damage could quickly multiply. Even within a few hours, fire residue begins to eat away at belongings and building structures, floods infect areas beyond the trigger site, mold infestations quickly spread, and hazards like building instability and toxic materials increase liability. Contacting our ServiceMaster DSI response line at 303-288-2900 as soon as possible is the best way to guarantee optimal disaster restoration in Denver, CO.

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