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    Pack-out & Storage

    After a disaster strikes your home or business, the initial damage done is only the beginning of your worries. When fire, storm, or flood leaves your building easily accessible to theft, vandalism, rain, and other inclement weather, your possessions could be in further danger without immediate attention—even during the process of restoration. At ServiceMaster DSI, we offer pack-out and storage services in Denver, CO to keep your belongings safe after a disaster.

    Our emergency moving crews are among the first of our response teams to the scene of the disaster, to quickly and expertly pack up your belonging, removing them from the dangers a damaged building can pose. We offer comprehensive packing for all items, big or small, transportation of these items, and secure vaults in our climate-controlled warehouses.

    With our emergency pack-out and storage services, you can always expect:

    • Complete and detailed inventory
    • Expert packing
    • Professional moving services
    • Secure and climate-controlled storage units
    • State-licensed warehouses
    • Insured and bonded services
    • Expert restoration services
    • Customer access to stored contents
    • Chain of custody forms

    The potential dangers imposed on your belongings in a damaged building are very real. After a disaster, residues from a fire, bacteria in flood waters, corrosion from moisture, too low or high temperatures, and more could physically put your antiques, decorations, electronics, furniture, and other belongings at risk. Your valuables could also be at risk of burglary or tampering if they remain at the scene. ServiceMaster DSI technicians understand the importance of taking the extra step to safely pack and move your possessions to a secure location as a part of our restoration services.

    If you’ve experienced a disaster in your home or business, contact us at ServiceMaster DSI to start the recovery process and begin restoration with our pack-out and storage services in Denver, CO.

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