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    Trauma Clean Up

    Certain cases of disaster and damage in your home or business are categorized as trauma incidents. These situations often involve biohazardous materials, crime scenes, lab materials, or other legal matters such as suicide or domestic violence. For damage scenes that fall into these categories, ServiceMaster DSI emergency response teams provide trauma clean up services in Denver, CO.

    Because trauma scenes often involve biohazards like human and animal remains, chemicals, or gross filth, these situation require professionally-trained technicians with the correct equipment for containing and removing hazards quickly while also keeping these materials under control. ServiceMaster DSI trauma clean up teams are trained under the standards and courses of ServiceMaster Restore® and ServiceMaster Recovery Management®, and we handle any situation with expert care from start to finish.

    With our trauma clean up services, you can always expect skilled and professional care when treating accidents, disasters, and damage in situations including:

    • Crime scene clean up following legal regulations
    • Trauma cleanup, including homicides, suicides, and car accidents
    • Industrial and laboratory accidents
    • Biological spill cleanup and decontamination
    • Bacterial and viral outbreaks requiring immediate containment and sanitization
    • Chemical spills in homes and businesses
    • Disinfection of all surfaces and items affected
    • Odor removal

    Our teams are proficient in handling the initial regulation and complete cleanup of a trauma situation in your home or business. Furthermore, ServiceMaster DSI technicians and project managers also understand most incidents can be delicate, emotional events in your life. We approach these cases with the utmost professional sensitivity while working in accordance with federal and state cleanup regulations.

    You can always rely on our emergency clean up teams to be at the ready 24/7/365 with hazmat crews and restoration technicians. If you’ve experienced a traumatic disaster, contact us at ServiceMaster DSI for comprehensive trauma clean up services in Denver, CO.

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