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    Water Extraction

    Standing water in your home or business can come from a number of sources, including natural floods, burst pipes, broken sump pumps, clogged gutters, and trapped rain water. This water is often filled with debris, bacteria, chemicals, and dirt, and without complete removal, it can infect your building and lead to a host of other problems. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide comprehensive water removal services in Denver, CO to keep your building clean and dry.

    Water extraction is a key part of our water damage restoration process. It’s one of the first, crucial steps in beginning the recovery process. To fully remove the water from your home or business, we use two methods.

    1. Extraction: Our water removal technicians operate one of the largest crews of trucks mounted with water extraction equipment on call for all water removal emergencies. We first extract the majority of the standing water in your home or business using industrial-sized, specialty pumps for deep water removal. We also have a large supply of portable extraction equipment for high rise residential and commercial buildings. Once the bulk of standing water is extracted, we begin dehydrating the building.
    2. Dehydration: At ServiceMaster DSI, we understand the importance of fully dehydrating your home or business to complete the extraction process. Without dehydration, lingering moisture could contribute to severe long-term water damage, including mold infestations, rot, damaged wood finishing, rust, weakened drywall, mildew, and more. Our specialty dehydrators draw the remaining unwanted moisture and vapor from every corner of the building, leaving your home or business free from the dangers of excess water.

    Before beginning the damage restoration process, it’s important to clear the building and prevent future problems with excess water. At ServiceMaster DSI, we begin your full recovery with comprehensive water removal services in Denver, CO. Contact us today at (303) 288-2900 to get your home or business back to its pre-loss condition!

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