When You Need Sewer Backup Cleanup in Westminster, CO, Call ServiceMaster DSI Immediately!

It’s a beautiful late summer day in Westminster, CO. The temperature is perfect, and the sky is clear blue.


You have family and friends over for an outdoor barbeque, which is just starting to send that pleasant smokey aroma into the air; everyone is having a great time, until, SURPRISE! The sewer unexpectedly and out of nowhere suddenly backs up. It’s bad. Every bathroom toilet, shower drain, and sink is gurgling, bubbling, and overflowing, creating a household catastrophe! Without warning, your perfect outdoor barbeque suddenly becomes a plumbing war zone, and your home needs emergency sewer backup cleanup.


We certainly aren’t trying to make light of sewer backup cleanup with the scenario just presented. However, the reality is, any time your sewer backs up, during a party or during the middle of the night, the mess and the urgency of getting the affected areas cleaned and disinfected are the same. You need sewer backup cleaning and you need it now!


Our ServiceMaster DSI office in Westminster, CO, are open 24/7/365, which means the lights are always on, the phones are always open, and our teams are always ready — day or night — to wade in and get the job done.


The sooner sewer backup cleanup begins, the better because it’s not clean, clear faucet water that is now collecting along your floorboards and funneling into cracks and hidden places. The infiltrator is dirty and contaminated sewer water carrying with it all sorts of harmful bacteria.


Let ServiceMaster DSI handle the disgusting mess. We’ve got high-powered truck-mounted water extraction equipment, an assortment of industrial-strength cleaning products, and the certifications to use it all safely, along with the personal protective gear people need to wear when taking on such a task as sewer backup cleanup. We highly recommend that you call our trained, professional, and most importantly, ready teams for your emergency sewer backup cleanup because our services include:


  • High-powered truck-mounted equipment for liquid waste extraction
  • Moisture Sensor tools that detect trouble zones behind walls and under floors
  • Thorough cleaning
  • Thorough disinfecting
  • Deodorizing
  • All items touched and infected by the sewer backup are individually cleaned, disinfected, and restored.
  • Mold prevention


It’s never convenient and always a surprise when sewer backup cleanup is needed, which is why our offices in Westminster, CO, are available right now at (720) 452-2842. Call us immediately!

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