Benefits of Hiring Professional Carpet Cleaners After a Fire or Flood in Westminster, CO

Disasters happen every day in homes and businesses in Westminster, CO. These can include flooding, fires, and storm damage and can leave your home or facility devastated by the damage that you will need help with quickly. Carpeting especially takes a beating when water or smoke is involved. If your carpets have been affected by flooding or fire damage, then we can help you with professional carpeting cleaners.

When carpets have been damaged in a disaster, attempting the cleaning yourself can cause more harm than good. DIY carpet cleaners and expensive solutions from the grocery store is just no match for our powerful systems, not to mention we have trained professionals cleaning your carpet. Hire a professional and get it right the first time!

Benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners:

Carpet Cleaners On-Site Quickly

When you’re reeling with the aftermath of a disaster, the last thing you want is to have one more thing to do. We’ll arrive on the scene fast and give prompt attention to your carpet, determining the best course for restoration. The faster the water or smoke is removed from the carpeting, the less damage it will do.

Soot Removal

Soot is very difficult to remove. It’s comprised of many different chemicals including the sticky molecules that make it insidious to fibers. Prompt removal can help increase the likelihood that your carpet can be restored instead of needing replacement.

Water Extraction and Drying

After the fire, your carpeting can be left soaking wet from water used during the firefighting efforts or from sprinkler systems. All the moisture can quickly lead to mold and mildew if it’s not properly remediated. Professional carpet cleaning will remove the water to start the drying process.

Saves Time and Money

Cleaning your carpets yourself after a disaster will not save you time or money. Weeks later you could be dealing with mold in the carpeting or the lingering smell of smoke. Don’t add to your trauma, have professional carpet cleaning done to save you from having to go through another restoration.

If your home or business has been affected by fire or flooding in Westminster, CO, call us anytime day or night at (720) 452-2842.

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  1. I had been debating on whether or not to get professional carpet cleaning services for my home, or do it myself. It was interesting how you pointed out that doing it myself might not get it nearly as clean as it would if done by a professional. I’ll definitely keep this in mind since I want my carpets cleaned right the first time.

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