Cleaning Up After a Hoarder in Denver, CO, Is No “Rocky Mountain High.”

Climbing, hiking, or driving through the grandeur and natural landscapes surrounding the Denver, CO area can be inspiring. However, like anywhere else, here in Denver, real life goes on, and real issues have to be dealt with daily. Shoveling snow and mowing the yard are household chores that are familiar to most Denver residents. However, cleaning up after a hoarder isn’t familiar to anyone, anywhere.


Cleaning up after a hoarder in Denver, CO, is anything but a “Rocky Mountain High.”


Nothing is inspiring about hiking through trails of stacked newspapers and old magazines, and climbing over mountains of festering garbage in the kitchen isn’t a prime photo opportunity.


When hiking through the Great Rocky Mountains you might see eagles cruising on clean air currents, bears foraging, and trout swimming.


When faced with a hoarder’s environment you might encounter flies buzzing, urban rodents roaming, and larva growing in stopped-up sinks.


You might have a comfortable pair of hiking boots and shorts, but the likelihood that you have a hazmat suit to conquer this hoarding wilderness is slim to none. The good news is you don’t need a hazmat suit. ServiceMaster DSI has you covered.


Cleaning up after a hoarder is not what we would consider an everyday homeowner task, and it can be quite dangerous. Hoarding houses are notorious for water leaks causing structural and electrical damage. The mountains of garbage can attract wild animals that end up burrowing under floors and behind walls. Mold is also common and rampant in a hoarder’s house. There are never one or two issues when cleaning up after a hoarder. Dozens of problems can arise, and some can be quite dangerous to your health and safety.


Deep cleaning, thorough disinfecting, careful repairing, along with experienced restoration is what you can expect when you call ServiceMaster DSI for professional hoarding cleanup help.


Our Denver, CO offices are available 24/7/365 at (720) 452-2842. Call us today and find out how our professional hoarding cleanup services can help you.

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