Find Experienced and Compassionate Hoarding Cleanup in Centennial, CO

To be a successful hoarding cleanup service requires not only the knowledge and experience to clean and restore a hoarding home, but also an in-depth understanding of the disease of hoarding. If you have a family member, close friend, or loved one in Centennial, CO that you believe has a hoarding issue, we can help you make decisions regarding how to move forward with hoarding cleanup services.

When does it move from collecting to clutter to hoarding? As a rule of thumb, if you’re worried about someone’s quality of life or concerned for their safety, it’s time to have an intervention. Here are some essential facts you should know about hoarding that may help shine a light on this complicated and confusing disorder:


  • Most hoarders begin to show hoarding behavior at an early age, but at that point they’re often considered “junk collectors.” The problem generally reaches severe or catastrophic levels once they enter middle age. If you’ve noticed signs such as retreating from social activities, not being reachable, or increased collecting of items that don’t make sense (such as newspapers, junk mail, etc.), then hoarding cleanup intervention is needed
  • The loss is what hoarders fear the most. While that fear manifests in collecting, the anxiety of losing anything is what drives them. This is a form of trauma, and their desire to avoid the negative feelings they fear is why they collect more and more. With professional intervention and hoarding cleanup, it can help them break this cycle
  • Hoarding is a form of OCD. Treatment from a medical and psychological professional can help as most hoarders don’t believe they have a problem. They isolate themselves so they don’t have to deal with outside judgments, but it’s a lonely life. Hoarding cleanup and medical intervention can help them deal with the problem and get them on the road to a happier existence


Helping people in hoardings situations get a fresh start is our goal in Centennial, CO. We take a compassionate, respectful approach to our hoarding cleaning services because we know this is difficult for everyone to understand. Give us a call at (720) 452-2842 today and we can discuss the options for hoarding cleanup for your loved one.


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