Do NOTS for Homeowners after a Fire from the Fire Damage Restoration Professionals in Boulder, CO

When a fire happens in your home, the results can be devastating. As the homeowner, you may have no idea who to turn to or what to do once the flames have been put out. At ServiceMaster DSI-Denver, we have vast experience dealing with damage caused by fire. Our fire damage restoration services in Boulder, CO can ensure your home is quickly back on track and livable. While our services are essential, there are steps you must take to ensure no further damage takes place in the home. Below are a few don’ts to avoid before we provide service.


Checklist on What NOT to Do After a Fire

There are several things you should avoid when dealing with damage due to a fire in your home. Before we can provide our fire damage restoration for your Boulder, CO home, be sure that you do not use any electronics or the heating or air conditioning system. Turning on anything electronic can cause more damage to the home.

Avoid cleaning any clothing or the walls. While you might want to get straight to work, it takes special cleaning tools and agents to take care of smoke and fire damage. Our fire damage restoration experts know just what to do to care for your Boulder, CO home. Be sure that you do not clean the walls, ceiling, or other surfaces, as well as any clothing. A professional should review the area first so a plan of action can be created.

Do not eat any food in the home after a fire. Food is most likely not safe to consume due to contamination. Food can easily be affected by smoke and soot as well as other contaminants in the environment after the flames are extinguished.


Rely on the Experts

Once your home has been affected by a fire, it’s best to rely on the experts. Our fire damage restoration team can easily assist your home and provide the essential fire damage restoration services needed to get your home in livable condition.


Give us a call today at (720) 452-2842 to learn more about this service category. Never hesitate to call us when your home is affected by fire.


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