Does Your Loved One Need Hoarding Cleanup in Aurora, CO?

Some people recognize the signs of a loved one who has a hoarding issue right away, and other people may ignore it, hoping that the situation resolves itself or that their family member sees the light. The fact is, hoarding is a difficult and complex condition that can range from having lots of clutter in the home to it being potentially dangerous for someone to live in the home in Aurora, CO.

If you suspect you need help with hoarding cleanup, then it’s time to look around the home and evaluate. Here are some of the signs of a severe hoarding problem:

  • Piles of items that are no longer of use, but the hoarder won’t dispose of
  • Rooms that are blocked off or unsafe to enter
  • Unusable appliances
  • Structural damage to the frame or flooring of the home
  • Piles of mail or boxes that are unopened
  • Presence of pet feces
  • Presence of insects or infestations
  • Standing water that has molded
  • Electrical problems
  • No running water
  • Broken toilets or showers
  • Sanitation violations posted

When you have a hoarder in the family, it can certainly cause distress and worry. Very often the hoarder has a greatly diminished quality of life and doesn’t want help, which compounds the problem. This is a clear sign of mental health issues, and you need help!  We’re here for your hoarding cleanup needs in Aurora, CO, and the surrounding area.

The sooner you can call us, the better. Every day that goes by is a risk to the health and welfare of your loved one. Hoarding homes not only are dangerous to live in, but they’re also highly susceptible to flooding, fires, and being overrun by pests. If left un remediated, your family member could trip and fall, get trapped in the home, or be seriously injured.

Hoarding is a compulsion, and not much is known as to why it affects some people and not others. Often the hoarder feels a great deal of shame, and we understand how hard this situation is for families. We’re here to offer support while we pack out, clean, and sanitize the hoarding condition to make the home livable again.

Let us help your family member get a new start with a home that has been cleaned and sanitized with our professional hoarding cleanup. Contact us, and we can help assess the situation and give you information on the process of hoarding cleanup services. In Aurora, CO, contact us at (720) 452-2842.


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