Find Professional Carpet Cleaning From the Disaster Recovery Experts in Boulder, CO

Every day in Boulder, CO disasters happen. They may be large or small, but if they affect you it doesn’t matter what size it is; you need professional help quickly. Carpeting often takes the significant brunt of disaster and can be very costly to replace. ServiceMaster DSI can help with professional carpet cleaning after disasters.

In everyday life, your carpet handles foot traffic, but fires and floods are a different story. Your carpet needs attention, and fast. Waiting to clean your carpets after a disaster will almost always mean the damage has spread, and sometimes that means total replacement. In the case of a fire or flood there is water to deal with, and if the carpets aren’t properly cleaned, then you’re also going to be dealing with another heinous culprit: mold damage. Mold colonies can form in your carpet padding in as little as 24 hours after water damage.

In the case of fire, your carpet may also have soot and smoke damage. After a disaster your carpet needs to be:

  • Thoroughly dried
  • Cleaned
  • Sanitized
  • Deodorized

Missing any of these steps will mean that your carpet will continue to give you problems down the road. If your carpet is not properly cleaned, then the smell will linger for years and will be a reminder of a terrible time. Imagine inviting people into your home months later, and they can smell the fire when they enter your home. This is the sad result of people trying to DIY carpet cleaning.

We have the right tools and the knowledge to professionally clean your carpeting after a fire or flood to help restore your carpet and to help you return to the home you love without reminders of the damage that was caused.

Because disaster can hit at any time, we don’t keep banker’s hours. ServiceMaster DSI’s Boulder, CO technicians are on call 24/7/365. With one phone call to us at (720) 452-2842, we can dispatch a professional carpet cleaning crew to your home to help with flood, fire, smoke, and soot damage or mold remediation. Don’t wait to call us or attempt remediation yourself! Contact us today.

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