Fire Damage Cleanup in Lakewood, CO, Is the First Step in Fire Damage Restoration

Fire loss is heartbreaking. After the fierceness of the flames has been calmed and the smoke begins to dissipate, the full scope of the needed fire damage cleanup comes into view — and it’s a lot to take in. Fire damage cleanup is a process that needs to begin within the first 72 hours of a fire, which is why our ServiceMaster DSI office in Lakewood, CO, is available 24/7/365.


What you can expect when our fire damage cleanup teams arrive at your home or business:


  1. We will secure the safety of the building. Not only will the direct heat from the flames cause structural damage that is noticeably visible, but also the sheer amount of atmospheric pressure caused by the fire can significantly weaken the structure of your business or home. Our teams are trained to identify and reconstruct these now weakened stress points.
  2. We will do a walk-through with you to identify all valuables to set aside for our fire damage restoration services. Our team will also pack your remaining valuables for storage while we complete our fire damage restoration services.
  3. We will perform the appropriate cleanup techniques. The residue smoke and soot settle into every nook and cranny. Issues can remain even if the walls and carpets have been painted and cleaned and look healthy — which is why our fire damage cleanup professionals also highly recommend HVAC cleaning and furnace duct cleaning. Smoke gets everywhere!
  4. Smoke and soot can cause permanent etching on your windows and other household surfaces within 72 hours, which is why our fire damage cleanup teams are available 24/7/365. You can call our offices in Lakewood, CO, any time night or day, and you can trust that we are ready to respond immediately.
  5. We will perform thorough water extraction. With firefighting comes water — lots and lots of water. Water extraction is paramount to the structural integrity of the building. Thorough professional water extraction is necessary. Like smoke and soot, water settles into every nook and cranny, not only causing potential structural damage, but without proper venting, drying, and disinfecting, possible mold issues could shortly arise.


Fire damage cleanup is the first step in an extensive fire damage restoration process best left to professionals with the training, experience, and 24/7 availability.


If you need emergency fire damage cleanup in the Lakewood, CO, area call our offices at (720) 452-2842. We are available right now with the help you need.

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