Learn About the Smoke and Fire Damage Cleanup Process in Boulder, CO

It doesn’t matter the size of the fire— if you’ve had flames you’ve had damage in your Boulder, CO home or business. Smoke damage and fire damage restoration is what we do, and we can help ensure your home or facility is safe to inhabit again after a fire.

The smoke that happens during a fire in your home or business has different effects on parts of the area depending on the type of fire and the items that were damaged. We’re fire damage restoration experts and have an experienced staff of disaster restoration technicians dedicated to getting your home or business back to pre-loss condition

Identify the Source
Identifying the sources helps us determine what surfaces have been affected by smoke damage and the level of damage they have received. This is also important to note for insurance reasons as well as restoration evaluations. We conduct test cleanings on surfaces to figure out what kind of procedures we’ll move forward with. If necessary, we also have alternative methods if we feel the areas are still damaged by smoke.

 Contain and Control Further Fire Damage
ny items that are still flammable in the area will be removed by a smoke damage expert. Even when the flames are out, there are possibilities of areas that still are holding heat within the walls, ceiling, or framework of the area. We take no chances and remove anything that could be a possibility for more damage.

Remove Damaged Items
Any items in the fire damaged area will be removed so the smoke and fire damage restoration can begin within the facility. If items are damaged by smoke, we can take them to another location for restoration with our pack out services. If items have been damaged by water from the firefighting efforts, we can begin the drying process in temperature and climate-controlled areas. 

If the area is smoke damaged we can help confine and contain the smell to keep it from affecting air quality in other parts of the building. We can also provide tarping, barricading, and fencing to ensure the area is kept free from pests, animals, or vandals.

If your home or facility has suffered from smoke or fire damage, call the ServiceMaster DSI disaster restoration specialists in Boulder, CO at (720) 452-2842 immediately!

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