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Fire Damage Restoration in Denver, CO

Also Providing Smoke & Soot Cleanup

Structural fires are one of the most destructive disasters reported daily in the United States. Not only are structural fires dangerous for families, employees, and clients, they can also severely damage structural stability, building appearance, and the personal belongings within. Without the assistance of trained professionals, a fire could leave permanent damage. At ServiceMaster DSI, we provide emergency fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup in Denver, CO for full rehabilitation after a fire.

The flames and smoke of a fire can directly damage aspects of your building by weakening the frame, irreversibly charring windows and appliances, and destroying electrical systems and plumbing. However, beyond the immediate effects of a fire, the damage can continue days, weeks, and months after the flames are out. Smoke and soot damage are often overlooked during fire damage restoration, but these corrosive substances can significantly harm the quality of a building’s interior environment.

From start to finish, you can count on ServiceMaster DSI to provide the best quality fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup services in the Denver area. Our technicians are trained to uphold ServiceMaster Restore® standards. In fact, ServiceMaster DSI is the most expansive ServiceMaster franchise, and ServiceMaster Restore® is the largest restoration service organization in North America. We understand the importance of each step in the fire damage restoration process, including:

  • Emergency pre-cleaning
  • Temporary power and climate control
  • Content cleaning and restoration
  • Content pack out and storage
  • Full damage assessment
  • Water removal and dehydration
  • Wall and ceiling cleaning, including soot and smoke removal
  • Building reconstruction
  • Odor and mold removal
  • HVAC cleaning and vent decontamination
  • Carpet and upholstery restoration

After a fire is extinguished, your building can be left as a soggy, blackened mess. ServiceMaster DSI is here for you with our services in fire damage restoration and smoke cleanup in Denver, CO. We’re available 24/7/365, so contact us at 303-288-2900 for immediate assistance!


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