Fire Prevention Tips from the Fire Damage Restoration Experts

When it comes to fire damage restoration in Aurora, CO, speed is of the essence. Fires occur in all shapes, sizes and speed. Gas fires, warehouse chemical fires, wild grass fires, electrical fires—each is able to engulf your home or business in a moment. Fires can be heartbreaking, sometimes especially so because the fire could have been prevented with more careful preparation.


September is National Preparedness Month, so here are some everyday reminders to reduce the change of a fire in your home or business. Prepare now to prevent fire damage later!


  • When you’re cooking on the stovetop, stay in the kitchen. Unattended food cooking causes countless grease and kitchen fires.
  • Make sure your stove and oven are clean. Leftover residue builds up and becomes easily ignitable, causing oven fires that can then turn into an electrical fire or gas explosion.
  • Inspect your heat sources and regularly change your filters.
  • Check your clothes dryer. Lint is a prime ignition source.
  • Maintain all your power cords, especially the power cords you have tucked under any rugs. They could become worn through and serve as an ignition switch for a carpet fire.
  • Be careful with candles and fireplaces. Don’t leave these unattended. Extingush all fires and flames before going to sleep at night.
  • Make sure you have a working fire extinguisher stored somewhere nearby.
  • Last, make sure the batteries in your smoke alarms are fresh so you can hear that smoke alarm chirp when you need it most.


If the worst happens, count on ServiceMaster DSI to get you back on track. Fire damage restoration takes a whole team of trained, experienced professionals using state-of-the-art, specialized equipment. We can mobilize with one phone call to begin the complete fire damage restoration process.


Our ServiceMaster office in Aurora, CO, is even networked with over 400 hundred other certified ServiceMaster offices across the country, creating an arm of ServiceMaster called ServiceMaster Recovery Management (SRM). SRM can respond to large-scale loss recovery scenarios within four hours with a recovery plan, teams, equipment, and the know-how in place to get the job done correctly and quickly.


Whether you need large-scale fire damage restoration services or your fireplace had a flare-up, one call to ServiceMaster in Aurora, CO, can handle it all.


Contact us for any fire damage restoration needs at (720) 452-2842 or using our easy service request form.

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