4 Fire Safety Tips to Prevent Fire Damage Restoration for Self-Employed Workers in Aurora, CO

An increasing number of companies are now seeing the advantage of hiring remote workers for customer service jobs and freelance and professional consultation services. This has proven to be profitable for them and an advantage to a growing workforce who prefers to work from home rather than battling a daily commute in Aurora, CO.

Maintaining an office in your residence can present other challenges, one of which is fire safety. When your home goes up in flames, it’s certainly devastating, but if the losses include your business or sensitive business matters for another company or person, then the damage can be significantly compounded.

Fire Safety Recommendations:

  1. Don’t Smoke in Your Office. Treat your home office just as you would expect in a professional building; smoke-free. A forgotten cigarette can result in a fire in your home office which can require fire damage restoration
  2. Secure Electronic Equipment. Keep cords tidy and free of obstructions. If you allow children or pets into your home office, the cords will be less of a temptation to chew or play with. Use sufficient power sources including surge protectors, and keep computers away from open windows
  3. Clean Up Paper Goods. Piles of paper, takeout containers, and other refuse can provide just the right tinder should a spark ignite. Make it a practice to clean off your desk every day before you’re done. Not only has it been proven that a clean desk improves productivity, but it also reduces the likelihood of a fire spreading as quickly
  4. Install Smoke Alarms. Just like any other room in your house, your home office should have working smoke alarms. Replace the battery twice yearly and test the alarms monthly to be sure they’re in working order

Fires don’t have to be large to be devastating, and fire damage restoration can put a dent in your productivity, not to mention your income. Be sure to protect your home and office from fire damage.

ServiceMaster DSI provides fire damage restoration services for Aurora, CO, and the surrounding area. For more information, contact us at (720) 452-2842 today.

3 thoughts on “4 Fire Safety Tips to Prevent Fire Damage Restoration for Self-Employed Workers in Aurora, CO

  1. I didn’t think about stacks of paper increasing the fire danger. I process a lot of paper applications in my home office. I’ll have to be sure to file those away safely each day so they’re not as much of a fire hazard.

  2. I like what you said about cleaning up paper before having fire damage restoration. That would make sense, so that it’s not as cluttered. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Nice article. I totally agree that installing smoke detectors or alarms is very important to prevent or alleviate fire. Always make sure to check if the batteries are working. I’ll make sure to always keep this in mind for my family’s protection.

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