Bomb Cyclones and HVAC Cleaning in Boulder, Colorado

Bomb cyclones and HVAC cleaning? You might be rightly asking yourself, “What?!”


If you’re from the Boulder, CO area, you probably remember March 2019 when the freezing bomb cyclone careened through our region. It was a generational winter event. Remember how cold it was? The stranded motorists, grounded airlines? Remember how glad you were to be inside the warmth of your home? The bomb cyclone of March 2019 is a natural event to remember…remembering when you last had HVAC cleaning in your home or business performed may not be as easy to pinpoint!


The quick moral of the story is that you don’t want to remember the next Colorado bomb cyclone because your HVAC system broke down when you need heat the most.


Clean air ducts free of dust and allergens gives us clean, healthy air to breathe inside our homes and businesses, and hopefully healthier lives. However, professional HVAC cleaning guidelines include the cleaning of all the components of the HVAC systems we depend on every day to provide us with coolness in the summer and heat we need during Boulder, CO winters.


When it comes to HVAC cleaning, a shop vac sucking up dust and lint from the air ducts doesn’t compare to a professional cleaning. Our cleaning ensures that the mechanisms are clean so the system is properly functioning, and that’s what matters most when you need it most. Professional cleaning requires trained professionals with the proper equipment and an experienced eye — this is what you can expect from your local ServiceMaster DSI in Boulder, CO.


Remembering when you last had cleaning performed isn’t as easy to remember as the Colorado bomb cyclone of March 2019. That’s why we suggest giving ServiceMaster DSI a call right now at (720) 452-2842 to schedule your home or business for cleaning while it’s fresh on your mind.


Before the next bomb cyclone crashes into the Boulder, CO area, schedule your HVAC cleaning from your trusted and local ServiceMaster professionals today.


Call us at (720) 452-2842 to schedule your home or business HVAC cleaning!

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