Mental Health Effects of Trauma Cleanup in Centennial, CO

When thinking about dealing with a traumatic event, you probably understand it can be very difficult to sort through the emotions and feelings you have and get back on track to “normal life.” Now imagine having to do that after having to clean up blood and bodily fluids from the trauma scene first. For most people, the idea is horrifying and a real setback to regaining your mental health. That’s why you need a professional, experienced trauma cleanup crew if you experience this in Centennial, CO.

How a Specialist Performs Trauma Cleanup

 Trained trauma cleanup specialists know how important this job is and take it seriously. They take specific and actionable steps to ensure that the job is done right to keep everyone safe. These steps include:

  • Securing and set up of the location. This includes setting up an area to keep the cleanup supplies and suiting up for the affected area before entering.
  • Proper use of personal protective equipment to keep them and anyone in the area safe. The technicians understand the very real chances of spreading infections and that the aftermath of trauma scenes can contain biohazards that can include HIV, Hepatitis C, and other unknown bacteria that can be a health hazard. Therefore, they wear items such as face masks, fluid resistant gowns, eye shields, and industrial latex gloves. This caution is needed to prevent infections from spreading to unaffected areas of the home.
  • Through cleaning, sanitation, removal, and disposal. The right cleaning solutions are critical, and all of our trauma cleanup technicians are highly trained and skilled in assessing the scenes and understanding what products are best to use.

It’s clear that this type of cleanup takes a specialist, and if left to a friend or family member could be heartbreaking as well as dangerous. If you need help with trauma cleanup, don’t try to tackle it yourself. Allow us to assist you in this time of need with highly trained and compassionate trauma cleanup services.

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