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How to Identify if a Friend or Family Member is a Hoarder in Westminster, CO

For the past few years, the psychological disorder of hoarding has come to the forefront and out of the shadows. Television shows about people and their hoarding have become a fascination to the American public. Some viewers may recognize a loved one’s traits and habits, or possibly their own. How can you be sure if […]

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Water Damage Prevention Methods for Fall

Fall is in the air! The days are getting shorter and now’s the time when people in Boulder, CO, start thinking about preparing their homes and yards for winter. Most people think that water damage in the home comes in the form of burst pipes or sewer backups, but that’s not always the case. Small […]

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Fire Causes Widespread Damage to Homes and Businesses in Centennial, CO

According to the NFPA (National Fire Protection Agency), $237 million in property damage was caused by structural fires in 2014. That’s roughly 1,298,000 fires causing not only widespread damage across the US, but also a staggering loss of life. It’s estimated that almost three thousand deaths occurred as a result of these fires. The facts […]

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Don’t Let Standing Water Turn Into Damaging Mold Growth After a Flood

If you’ve had flooding in your home or business in Westminster, CO, we can’t say this strongly enough: time is of the essence to get that water removed before mold growth starts. Mold can start growing as soon as the microscopic spores attach to an item. It begins to grow within 24 hours and can […]

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Flooded Home or Business in Lakewood, CO?

If your home or business has been damaged by water, the overriding emotion is the desire to get things “back to normal” as quickly as possible. With our experienced crew in Lakewood, CO, we can help remediate the damage and minimize the interruption in your life or business. ServiceMaster DSI continually invests in training for […]

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From Water Extraction to Restoration, ServiceMaster DSI in Aurora, CO, will do the Dirty Work so You Don’t Have to

Recently, Louisiana broke records with the flooding that happened mid-August. Though you aren’t facing more than 25 inches of rain, even an inch of water in your basement can cause issues. That’s why ServiceMaster DSI provides water extraction around the country, including Aurora, CO. Whether it’s rainfall or a burst pipe, we’re here to simplify […]

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