Finding Professional Hoarding Cleanup Help in Lakewood, CO, and Starting Recovery


You know your house doesn’t look like your friend’s house. At your friends, they have stuff sitting on the counter or the coffee table, but at your home, there’s a pathway from the living room to the bathroom lined by boxes — all filled with “stuff.” You would like to have friends over, but where would they sit? You’ve heard it whispered behind your back, “There’s a hoarder in that house.”


Compulsive Hoarding Disorder, when left untreated and unattended, can be a devastating illness. This illness affects the ability of the one suffering from Compulsive Hoarding Disorder to live a healthy and productive life. Also, when neglecting hoarding cleanup, the sheer mass of material hoarded can eventually cause structural damage to the hoarder’s home. However, the potential for even more significant damage occurs in the relationships with family and friends of the hoarder.


Family members of hoarders often face stressful physical and emotional difficulties. The child whose parent is a hoarder is unable to invite friends over because there’s nowhere in the house to play. The spouse of a hoarder will likewise never entertain guests because of their embarrassment of how they’re subjected to live. Family and friends may even feel guilty that they haven’t been able to help their loved one successfully overcome that which has kept them from experiencing life clean and clear. Family members of hoarders are often themselves diagnosed with anxiety and depression because of the interpersonal conflict that arises alongside the stacks of newspapers, boxes, and whatever else the hoarder has collected.


When this type of tension is prevalent in a hoarders family, the family members are either so exhausted, and no hoarding cleanup takes place, or they become so frustrated they attempt the hoarding cleanup and organization of the home themselves. When family and friends engage in the hoarding cleanup, the hoarder will feel personally violated and disrespected. The hoarder will lose their trust in their family and friends, and sadly, the relationships become even more strained. Recent studies have shown that it’s best if the immediate family and friends of the hoarder don’t engage in the hoarding cleanup. Instead, they should help the hoarder detach from their collection by enlisting the help of a professional cleaning service.


Hoarding cleanup is hard work that also requires a gentle touch. Our understanding technicians at ServiceMaster DSI receive training expressly designed for hoarding cleanup to help sort through, declutter, and throw away the “stuff” that has been blocking the path to healthy living. They learn specific communication skills that are effective in relating to the hoarder and their family to help make the process less stressful. Should you find you have other questions or needs regarding hoarding, our technicians are also knowledgeable of local resources and will be happy to help you get connected. If by chance the hoarding is so severe that structural damage has occurred, we will take care of that as well. It’s what we do.


The ServiceMaster DSI team serving the Lakewood, CO area is trained, qualified, and experienced in hoarding cleanup services. It’s more than cleaning a house; it’s clearing a path for healing and recovery. Give our professionals a call at (720) 452-2842 to schedule your hoarding clean up service today.


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