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Water Cleaning & Dehumidification

Damage from flooding and other major sources of water damage in your home or business are serious problems, but at ServiceMaster DSI, we can help with our emergency water damage restoration services. However, once we’ve removed the bulk of the water, there is often lingering humidity or excess moisture in your building. For a full recovery, we also provide water cleaning and dehumidification services in Denver, CO.

Moisture in your home or business can come from a variety of sources, from flooded crawl spaces to consistent residual condensation from plumbing and air conditioning units. Any of these sources pose potential damage to your home. Even beyond large scale damage, moisture and humidity in your building can increase the risk of mold infestations, rotting wood, damaged carpets and upholstery, and corrosion of any exposed metal. Moisture can also ruin finishes, cause paint to peel, and discolor wallpaper.

Without immediate action, moisture in your home or business can lead to a host of problems. Our water removal teams can quickly treat any aspects of your home afflicted with water damage and excess moisture, including freeze drying, desiccant air drying, desiccant air drying under refrigeration, and even expert document drying.

With our professional water cleaning and dehumidification services, you can always expect a thorough approach, including:

  • Inspection of damages
  • Water mitigation
  • Application of anti-microbial treatment
  • Drying through dehumidification and air movement
  • Complete monitoring of drying process

Our water removal technicians are expertly trained and certified to use the best equipment available. We arm our teams with a range of equipment from commercial drying units to fans and dehumidifiers. Our services can remove moisture from anywhere in your home—subfloors, behind walls, and beyond.

For more information about our comprehensive water cleaning and dehumidification services in Denver, CO, contact ServiceMaster DSI by calling us at 303-288-2900.


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